Monday, September 29, 2008

I know, I know...

I said I'd give updates but times just flown by on me. Actually right now I should be doing a whole lot of stuff, but wanted to let ya'll know something. Well, dh and I are going to try to work things out. The girls and I will be moving to TN. VERY excited because I will be 5hrs. closer to my best friend. Only 1.5hrs. from this wonderful friend!!!!

Besides already being behind by about 2wks, Sunshine went and slammed her hand in the car door last night. Yep, it's broken. Just a minute fracture though. It's in a splint right now, tomorrow they will put a cast on it probably after the ortho surgeon decides. She was crying pretty hard when I told her that if I didn't know any better, I'd think she was Ms. Amy's (my best friend who is a MAJOR clutz) child. That brought on the laughter. She later told me that she almost said a cuss word--friggin'. I told her I wouldn't have said a word to her if she had because I probably would've said several. She had a humongous hematoma but luckily it went down a lot. She didn't have a whole lot of pain so she says. I think she just didn't want to take the Tylenol 3. She hates the stuff. lol.

Well, I am off. Gotta figure out dates and all for the move. Gotta rent a Uhaul, turn in my resignation; which I dread by the way, see the dentist and chiropractor one last time. So much to do and so little time to do it in. See ya'll later. Please say some prayers for me to keep some little portion of sanity.

God bless you all.