Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sick bug...

has hit my house. My oldest came home with a cold last week. She then gave it to me who gave it to Pooh. Well, I was sick most of the week but poor Pooh doesn't feel so good.

Now this bug has ruined my plans. That really ticks me off!!!! I planned on meeting my sweet friend, Stacey, down at the SiStv warehouse sale. About to cry cause I will not get the Hambly Raffle goodness in my hands today, if ever. My heart is just broken. I'm sorry I can't bring you yummy coffee, Stacey.:(

I'd also planned on looking around Nashville in scrapbooking stores. I was on the hunt for certain pieces. That just flew out the window. Dang it!!!!!!!!!

I'm still hopeful that I will be able to run into JoAnn's to pick up a die or two for my Sizzix. Yes, some people still use those. Not everyone is as fortunate to have a Cricut or Silhouette. Plus, have you seen the new Hello Kitty dies for the Sizzix? So cute!

Guess, I am gonna go sweep and mop my floor then scrap a bit, get ready to go to pick up my baby from the airport. Woohoo! That will be the best part of my day.:D

Crop Addict is having a weekend crop here. There are lots of prizes to be given away. I'm hoping to get to participate in some challenges this evening as the snow falls here and then tomorrow.

Even though I can't smell it, I am enjoying the glow of my candles.Hope everyone has a good Saturday.

Friday, February 27, 2009


I was in awe of this sight at first glance. Besides that the name says it all for me. Snickerdoodle is my absolute favorite kind of cookie! The link will be permanently placed in my little list of stalked blogs if you ever need it again. I can't wait to sit down to read it all! Even those non scrappers will like this one.;)

My Name Is Snickerdoodle

Do you...

ever stumble on a blog and just stay on it for the longest time because of the music? Ok. Maybe I'm the only one. But during my morning time it really puts me in a great mood. I need to make a list of all the songs I have found that I like, buy them from iTunes, upload on my little ole Shuffle and play every morning. Here is one site I stayed on to here the music this morning. HEY!

I think I am gonna create a music journal of the songs!!!! Most of you know I don't do minis but that is the perfect thing for this. I'll just decorate the front cover and back with a few added touched and voila! Of course, you know I will have to have Janis Joplin all up in there along with some Hendrix, Doors, Fleetwood, etc. (My husband says to be such a good girl I listen to some druggy music. lol. It just relaxes me and makes me happy without the drugs.;))

Enjoy the music. I will try to add to this list soon. That'll be as much for me as you. hehehe.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cafe Mojo and Scrap Etc. #2 Challenge...

Cafe Mojo's challenge was to use Glimmer Mist. I just bought some last week. I had no idea that I could make it myself. I will be poking around trying to find the best recipe and will try to report back with my finds.

Amy S.'s challenge on Scrap Etc. was all about savoring the moment. I savor the very first moments when I first get up each morning. The house is so quiet and I can usually get my first cup of coffee down, check most of my email(even though I sometimes don't get a chance to email back.), and surf the internet. FYI most of the surfing is scrappy ideas. So anyway that is what I decided to do. It will go in the book that I've started about myself for the girls. Hopefully once I lose my mind completely they can show me this book and tell me all the things I have forgotten.

Keep in mind this is not at all how I had planned for it to turn out.

Also, there is only one challenge left if anyone wants to participate in them all. Remember that if you do them all your name will be put in a drawing by Lisa for some really good stuff!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to YOU!...

My little Pooh turned the whopping "6" this weekend. Yes, I say weekend because it seems like in our family birthdays tend to last for a few days not just one. So we went out for pizza and cake on her birthday after she had played Playdoh with her big sister upon Pooh's demand, went to a friend's birthday party, spent alone time with Momma, and went to pick out her present with us all. Last night we made cupcakes for her class today. The decoration of said cupcakes took place this morning.

She decided she wanted the cupcake blue with purple icing and Twizzlers on them. So this is the result. I think they turned out pretty cute. The teacher was greatful that we make her cupcake white with white icing because we figured she wouldn't want a purple/blue mouth.

Scrap Etc. #8 challenge...

For this challenge we had to list 10 things that we liked about ourselves. I had to have help on this one because sadly, I couldn't come up with ten things on my own. I really like some of the responses that I got from my girls, my husband, and my oh so sweet friend.

I did a lot of different stuff on this one. I used a new Tim Holtz mask for the bg paper. I sponged pretty much everything on here to distress it. I used diecut paper to cut out my patterned papers. See the paper under the pictures? Well it didn't match at all. Totally wrong shade of pic for this layout. My solution was to sponge/smear brown and red inks on the paper. I think it worked out very well. And of course no layout of mine would be complete without a little stamping.

I also realized while doing this layout, I don't really have too many pictures of myself. These are all very old. I'm talking at least two years old!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

NoelMignon and OLW Challenge...

Here I am with yet another combo. I really do like doing the combination challenges because it gives me true direction with a real challenge. I do like preciseness and a little brain work.

Here is the challenge from NoelMignon.

Here is the challenge from One Little Word.

Now this is how I saw they should be tied together. It was perfect for this too. At least I think it was since I'd been sitting on these pictures and journaling for months now. I used pearl white paint on the kraft cardstock- just dab and smear with a foam brush. Then I used black paint on some salvaged bubble wrap and stamped it on top of the pearl paint.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

NoelMignon and Scrap Etc. Challenge #1...

So I'm a little behind. I had this subject idea when it was posted to the Scrap Etc. message board; Create a layout with your new year's resolution(s) or lack of.

Then this week I saw Jana's Vday crop Challenge over on Noel Mignon's message board. So I tied the two together.

Now I think I have only one more plus the new one to do over on Scrap Etc. then I will be caught up on those. If you haven't done any yet, now is the time to get it done because there are only 9 Challenges total and then Lisa will be drawing for the prize. So what are you waiting for...Get busy!

Want some motivation...

Spiritual motivation that is? Well go here. He is real! I was blown away by the sermon I went to that he was giving at Grace Community Church. It is a non-denominational church. This (The Morning After) is the sermon that I attended. Last week I missed because we went home. This week I am missing because my asthma is kicking my tail. (Note to self:I absolutely MUST start walking my 2hrs a day again to get this stuff in check again.) They haven't put last week's podcast up yet. I can't wait to hear it or this week's.

But if you are in this area, try this church out. I was absolutely blown away by it. My girls love it. I dread telling my babies that I can't make it today. There were other errands that needed to be ran but I think they will just have to wait until tomorrow; I suppose.

I feel like God is telling me we need some one on one time today. Maybe? Well, I'm going to dust off the daily devotional book that Aunt Pam gave me over a year ago(Just couldn't do it then because you know... the separation leading to a divorce which by the grace of God never happened), grab my Bible and cup of coffee, and go spend that time with Him.

Then maybe do a little lesson with the girls when I have the energy and breath. lol.

Hope everyone(all three of you) that reads this has a very blessed and miracle filled day.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Scrap Etc. Challenge #7...

Wooohooo! I made it on time! You've still got time too. Mandy gives some awesome RAKs so go check out the challenge. It is super easy. Just do a layout with the word "Crush" somewhere in the title. That's it!

I bought the diecut paper today. I didn't even bother putting it away when I got home. It was the only thing in the scrap store I got and was itching to use it. I immediately set out to work on this layout. It only took a couple of hours because I got distracted, by oh you know...laundry, picking the girls up from school, etc. Sunshine absolutley LOVEs it. So that makes me very, very happy. (I do have to say it looks much better in person. I can't get the colors/exposure right since I took it in the dark.)

Journaling reads:
1. Josh Heacock-age 19: You- age 4
2. Connor *****- age 5: You-age 5
3. Matt *********- age 5: you-age 5
4. Jackson ******- age-7: you- age 7

By the way, the circle polka dot button was from a RAK from Pat's Scrap Etc. challenge. I embossed it with one layer of clear embossing powder. It was just enough to give it some umph.

TFL ya'll.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Scrap Etc. Challenge #5...

Use Christmas patterned paper on a non Christmas layout. This is what I came up with. I love these pictures of Sunshine and a friend's son. They are the funniest pair. I am so glad she had a friend that was a boy that she could just be her and not all googly and giggly around. He is neat and she is a slob. They are so extremely funny! I miss this.

I have three different tags in a pocket. One for his mom, one for Sunshine, one for me. IF, that's a big if, his mom can get him to just tell her something about the time they spent together, then I'd like to have that on one of the tags too. It'd be nice to read them all 20yrs from now. (I will wait til I have all journaling before printing them off.)

Since I have this posted and see it, I may change out the title font. I'm not too crazy about it. To me it kind of takes over the stars. I'll let Sunshine be the judge since it is for her after all.;)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Scrap Etc. challenge #6...

For this challenge you create a layout regarding something you absolutely canNOT live without. For me it is coffee in the morning and peppers throughout the day. I found I'd already created a layout about this sometime ago while I was looking through my scrapbook on Saturday. So here it is.

Scrapbooks Etc. Sketch Challenge

This is the result of my attempt to do this sketch challenge on Scrapbooks Etc. It was fun to do. It stretched me a bit. After I finished sewing, and saw how crooked some of the stitching was, I decided it was time to eat. lol.

On with the Scrap Etc. Challenges.;)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Lookie what I found in my mailbox just now! Wonder how I got it? See post below this one. You don't have to have a fantastic, absolutely beautiful, magazine worthy layout. Just do the challenge. Post a link to your blog where the layout is posted or put in the gallery at with a link in the thread of the challenge you participated in. It is a RANDOM drawing. Meaning all participants have a chance to win the prize. So get busy. You still have time to win the one for participating in as many as you can! So get busy.;)

This wonderful package came from Pat (Lucy put the stamps in there. She knows me well, huh?:D). THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm thinking the cleaning can wait, I want to play now.