Monday, May 28, 2007

The dress...

I so want this dress! I saw it in the Brookwood Mall. If only I were a little bit smaller, I'd actually spend that kind of money. But being as large as I am, there is no way. I'll just add Cache to my list of places to go when I lose all this weight.

(Although it is a little scary to lose weight. It never fails that in the past when I lost just a little bit, I got pregnant. I never want to be pregnant again! Yes, I do know how to prevent it. LOL! But you can only say "No" so many times. hehehehehe)


Easier said than done, huh? God has certainly been speaking to me lately. I read the Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers recently. My friend V, lent me the first two books. Half way through the first one, I couldn't put it down. It took me less than a week to read all three books which is really saying something since my time is so limited. Anyway, these books were full of messages. One that was loud and clear was Forgive those who hurt you. Pray for them.

Then our Sunday school lesson was about forgiveness. The story was of Joseph and his brothers.

I had been having a very hard time with a certain person who has hurt me over and over again. I hadn't spoken with this person in over a year. They called just three days ago. Last night I awoke from a bad dream. Came to browse some blogs, then I went and started reading my Bible. I chose several on forgiveness to study. This morning I awoke and realized all this anger and contempt was only hurting me. Even being hung on the cross, Jesus asked for forgiveness for those who were crucifying Him. If He could do that, I can certainly forgive this person for much less. It is the forgetting that is going to be so hard to do.

When we forgive, as Christians, we are suppose to forget. Not to dwell on it or bring it back up in retaliation. That is the hard part. I pray that God will lighten this load upon my heart and mind. To ease the pain and help me move passed it all.

God bless you all.

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Stacey and my new library card

Well, today I’m feeling a little better. I guess that shot in my rump yesterday really did you me a little good. LOL! Also all the good drugs that the doctor gave me let me get a good night’s sleep. Yay!!!

Last night when I was getting ready to go to bed, my mother in law knocked on my bedroom door. When I opened it, she had a large package in her hands. It was a package that came in the mail for me. I let out a squell when I saw who it was from. Well, that got the girls up and out of the bed to see what I had gotten. It was a bunch of scrapping goodies I won off of my good friend Stacey Fike’s blog. I would take a picture but it would take a while to round up everything that the girls confiscated. Lol. They kept asking, “Momma, can I have this? Momma, can I use that to make a card? Momma, can I use this on my pages?” I think they were even more excited than I was. But I already have some plans for a few of the things that she sent me for the page I am planning to do about her. I have plans for a lot of things that she sent me. I even had a good evil chuckle with what to do with the box. Ehehehehehehe! My thought was to send it back to her filled with a canvas, some sponge brushes, and a bunch of other stuff along with some pictures so she could do a collage for my scraproom-once I have one that is.;) Wonder how much begging I'd really have to do to get her to to one for me. Hmmmmm.... anyway, THANK YOU, STACEY!!!!!

Other news, I got my new library card this morning. I haven't borrowed any books from the library since I was in college. Too many years ago to tell how long that has been. lol. Anyway, I had finally read the first two books that Virginia lent me almost a year ago. Well, I was dieing to read the third in the Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers. The first two made me cry at the end. They are very encouraging to keep up your faith. You never know who you are going to touch in your life and may be suprised at what the results will be.

Well, I have a couple of hours til I pick up the girls. The meds have made me very drowsy so I think I will go take a nap.

Hope you all have a very blessed day.

My Ashley Wren Scrapjack

Here is my entry for this session of Scrapjack. I really thought it was going to be difficult. But guess what! I am so hooked to this whole 'Jacking thing. Sally told me this week's jack was super easy and quick. I didn't really believe, but I gave it a shot. It did take me about 1.5 hours because I had to cut down all the pictures. After I did that, it was a breeze. I really do like this one because it is still clean and simple but fun.

Around the flower, that I stamped and cut outwith my hobby knife, reads, " Quality time with Daddy... oh so rare, but oh so precious!" I loved these pictures and they have been sitting on my dresser to be scrapped since before Christmas. So glad they are now done. I'm so looking forward to the next jack.;)

Monday, May 21, 2007

Out...Be back later

Hello all. I've been under a little storm cloud of sickness-again. I will return as soon as possible.

But first I haveto send out a huge THANK YOU to Deborah Pickens!!!!!!!!!!! She was so very, very nice to give Sunny not one but three sheets each of some patterned paper that Sunny likes so much. See I said that I wanted to find some A2Z pp that she liked, Deborah offered up some of hers so she can soon start scrapping her own memories. What a great friend, huh? So thank you very much, Deborah. I wish I could've gotten her expression on the camera so you could see how shocked and happy she was.

Everyone take care and stay safe. God bless you all.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

It Figures!

I tried hard to get my jack done for Scrapjacked in time, but I am too late. It figures. Oh well, maybe the next one I can make sure that I make time to get it done by the very next day.At least I can hope, right? LOL! Any of you doing this, don't wait 10 days to complete it; like I did. lol.

So here is my version of Stephanie's jack. I hope I did her proud. (BTW, she is very super talented and very scrapliftable.)

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Tagged Again!

Well, I've been tagged again by my sweet and wonderfully talented friend, Gretchen McElveen; whom I affectionately call "Hoffy." Ehehehehehehehe!!!! Rylee helped me with some of these.

1. I sing in the car at the top of my lungs. Yeah, so I may be a little off key, ok a lot, but the only ones who have to endure it are my girls. So who really cares.

2. I hate being late. You could say that sometimes I'm the March Hare running around saying, "I'm late! I'm late! I'm late for a very important date." I have even been known to be "mean" when I am late.(That comes from threatening to take away tv for a week if people don't get their butts in gear.)

3. When I get in my purging moods, especially before a move, I will throw all kinds of stuff away. Even papers to a car that isn't paid off yet.

4. I don't like to throw stuff like food wrappers or uneaten food loosely in an outside trashcan. I jumped down friends throats for doing this because someone had done it to me before. When I went out at night to throw the trash out, I got bitten by some ants. Besides that's just gross! Most people throw away those plastic bags from Walmart, etc. Why not keep some of those in the garage/near by and use them?

5. A crawfish boil is one of my most favorite things EVER!!!!!!!!!! I guess cause it also coincides with baseball season. But also, it is not complete without ice cold beer. Of course the crawfish have to be extremely spicy hot. It is also the experience of the whole thing, not just the food.

6. Speaking of hot, I must have some kind of pepper every day. Usually it is jalapenoes, but sometime I vary from the norm. Also, hot sauce is becoming a daily staple. I've been known to dowse some on crackers lately. YUMMY! Texas Pete is the best with crackers.

7. I really am trying to cut back on my coffee. I could drink it morning, noon, and night. Recently I cut back to about 4-5 cups before 1pm. After that it is water.

So here are my seven new tags (If you don't have a blog, just post here.):

2. Cyndi
3. Raunda
4. Sally
5. Deborah
6. Michelle S.
7. Melita