Saturday, November 29, 2008

War Eagle!!!!....

anyway. I still love my Tigers and still bleed Orange and Blue. Yes, I am upset but it was bound to happen sooner or later. Our team is young and their team is just getting their money's worth from their coach.

Now...a lot of you know, but for those who don' husband and I are working things out. It truly is a miracle. Only one person/being could have done this-God. Anyway, it is not easy for either of us everyday, but we are trying hard. It is hard for me to forgive and let go, but I really am trying. Each day gets a little bit easier I must say.

Anyway, the girls and I have moved up to Clarksville, TN. We really do like it here so far. The girls love their school. Sunshine is being challenged, so school's no longer boring for her. Pooh loves her teacher, so that always makes for a good day. I am about shopped out. I can drive to the whole mall with Hobby Lobby, Target, Kohl's, and Sam's Club nearby, in about 10min. That's the time it took me to get from my house to Walmart at home. ALSO, there are 4 different Walmarts in 15min. or less of my house. 2 scrapbook store are 10min. or less from my house. It is amazing.

Then there is the library. IT IS HUGE!!! That will be a few hours adventure for the girls and myself. Dear husband may even go with us for that.

All this and we are only about 45min. from downtown Nashville! How much wonderful can one girl take at once? Apparently I can take a lot, huh?

So, so far so good.