Friday, October 26, 2007

On my soap box, but...

my Pooh has been sick so I must cut it short. When she is feeling better, she drives me absolutely nuts to the point that we both bounce off the walls. Only problem is I bounce harder then hit the floor harder. lol. I'm so hoping she is on the mend-and quick! I could've subbed 4days this week had she not been sick. Uggggh!

Today my plan is to put her and her coloring books on my bed and turn on PBS Kids. She can lay there and watch tv or color while I am scrappin'. Hehehhehehe. There are two IT challenges over at Scrap Etc. that I need to get done today then I'll try to get some other challenges done. Just had 200 pics printed and have only gotten a few scrapped so, I best get busy.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Not much fun gonna be had around here since all weekend plans have been cancelled. Oh well, life happens. At least we have the bad times in order to fully appreciate the good ones, huh?

Go SOX!!!!

Have you guessed it yet? I LOVE the Boston Red Sox!!!!! And the Jacoby Ellsbury-Oh my! Is he not the cutest little thing? Simply adorable. If you don't know exactly who I'm talking about, here's a little linkage: . Look at that smile would ya. I think I'd swoon if I saw it irl. lol. Not really, but he is awefully adorable.

And the spunk of J. Papelbon is so fun. Love those Sox. What about you?

Can't wait to see what's ahead.;)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Dina Wakely Scrapjack...

Well, this is it. My intention was to just throw it down. For the most part I did. The exception is the little dotted swirls to the left of the flower. Those folks, are the inside part of sequins. Yep, that's right the little bitty insides of sequins that were in the bottom of a bag. They were the exact colors that I was looking for and since I didn't have any bling those colors I had to use them. I liked how it turned out, but good grief did it take some time seperating and gluing them all on.

Also, I had started with plain paint at circles with glitter glaze over them on white cardstock. Didn't like it. Just didn't suit Pooh's personality, so ... I watered the paint and covered the entire thing. Took about 2min.

The circles are three different stamps. I really do love how they turned out. I also like how none of the three are the same because I tilted the outside stamp on each one. This was really fun, but the best part I have to say is when I showed Pooh, she said, "Momma! That is beautiful." How wonderful is that. Who cares that it took me almost two hours to complete the darn thing. She loves it so it was well worth my time.

So, for some reason I cannot post a pic of the layout on here. Hmmm...anyway, you can go here to take a peek: .

Friday, October 19, 2007

My Red Sox and other stuff...

Ok, so after that first game I have honestly tried to watch the duel between the Red Sox and Indians. But I just can't seem to do it to myself. It gets me just too wound up and then I can't go to sleep. LOL! Talk about an emotional rollercoaster. Wow! I will probably watch tonight( I think it is on tonight.) because I badly want to see Boston win. Of course my husband and two friends want the Indians to win, but I hope they get very disappointed. hehehehe.

In other news, I have been subbing for Sunshine's school and the junior high. Let me just say, I love subbing seventh grade. It is by far my favorite so far. I can still see the innocence in them while they have all the possibilities in the world ahead of them. Of course, the hormone frenzy is another thing entirely. I hate it! When I see it I can't help but think of my two at that age and how it is gonna be. Also, I think of Tex's two and what it's like for her. You poor thing. lol.

Speaking of Tex...I had been meaning to call her back since I had rudely interrupted her shopping adventure about two weeks ago. Never got around to it. Then my cell rang the other day. What do ya know? My phone caller id read "Sally ........" My heart skipped a beat and leapt for joy. That girl seriously makes me giggle. I just have to think about her and I start giggling. Silly I know, but true. Oh! And did you know she is one of the lastest additions to the Scrapjackers? Big Congrats to you, girly! You so rock and soon the whole world will know just how much.;)

Well, hope you all have a super great weekend.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Some great tv...

was watched today. I watched Alabama almost lose to Ole Miss. Unfortunately, I missed Auburn squeaking a win passed Arkansas. But then as I was finally crawling into bed, Jon Bon Jovi was the host to Saturday Night Live. LOVE some Bon Jovi. Jon has certainly aged well. I could not get over how old Richie Sambora, my teen crush, looked.

But then I flipped the channel when SNL went to commercial. Boston was playing Cleveland!!!! How could I have not known this? Duh! Well, I flipped the channel back and forth thru most of the game. Couldn't miss BJ now could I? Then ET came on and I got a little too wrapped up watching all that stupidity that when I switched back to the game, Cleveland was up by 3. Urggghhhh! No way!!!! So sad. Then another run was made. I was so upset that I couldn't go to sleep right away. This was 1am! How crazy is that?

Anyway, got up and went to church. Came home and ironed a week's worth of clothes. Now more good tv is about to come on. Gonna watch Zoey 101 with my girls, put them to bed. Go to my room and watch DH and B&S while scrapping. Already have the pictures trimmed down for one layout. Gonna have some fun tonight.

Hope ya'll have a great night.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

So very lucky....

Do you have a friend that is always there for you thru thick and thin? One who knows when you are downwithout you saying a word. One who knows when you are just putting up a brave front? One who brings you up with just a simple smile? One who has that connection to your heart that can be felt miles apart?

Well, I have to say that I do. I am such a lucky girl. I can count on both fingers and toes the number of friends that I know without a doubt would be right here beside me should my world come crumbling to my feet. I just have to ask HOW? WHY? What has made me so special that I should be loved so much?

To all those who are my "true" friends(You know who you are.;)), thank you and I love you so very much!!!!! Your love, strength, and thoughts of you sometimes are what get me thru my day. Of course, the love, strength, and thoughts of my very best friend-Jesus-does too.

God bless you all.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I got my Scrapjack on...

and almost forgot to upload it.
I had this picture out the other day on my dresser with the intentions of doing something with it. I then looked up the new Scrapjack. I only had a little bit of time to get it done if I was going to do it. Well, I honestly pulled scraps and stuff that were laying around the picture to make this layout. Well, with the exception of the stamp. Everything else was at my fingertips including the reverse scallop edged cardstock. I kinda like how it turned out-especially since it took at total of about 10min. AND can you believe I used real buttons!lol. Yes, folks, that's right those are the genuine real McCoys right there on my page. lol.

Have a great day!

Amazing Grace...

Things have been really crazy lately. Never knowing how my life is going to go at any minute. Sometimes it is very stressful. Other times I just really have to laugh about it. And then there are those times when I just get really frustrated and mad when things don't go my way or don't go fast enough.

Well, I ask God for help and guidance, but then I don't completely turn it over to Him. Yesterday, while driving back from Auburn I turned on the Christian music station. It always seems I can hear His message clearer thru music. lol. There was a very pretty song that was already on. BUT then the one that followed really got my attention. I don't know the name of it but I will soon. It spoke of how you might feel very alone and down, but He is there with you. I started sobbing cause that is so true. I started to pray and was so overwhelmed with His presence that I almost had to pull over to the side of the road and recollect myself. It's funny how when I say that I need Him, He is always there. Through my life He has always been the one constant that I know will never leave me- through whatever I go thru in life.

Just thought we all might need a reminder: Let Him carry you through the tough times. He is the only one that can handle it all.

Monday, October 8, 2007

War Eagle!!!!

If you know anything about me, you know that I adore everything Auburn University. One day I will become an Auburn alumni. It may be when I'm 90, but hey if the old noodle is still working by then so be it. At least I can have "Auburn Alumni" put on my headstone. lol.

Anyway, I took my girls down to the Vandy game on Sat. to tailgate. We don't go into the games because it gets too loud for Pooh. Their friends-kinda-cousins weren 't down there so it was a little boring for them at first, but things got better. We walked around a little before the football game and went in to see the baseball team practicing. That is until Pooh started climbing over seats and hanging on the bars. Urggghhhhh! So we went back across the street to the RV.

Eventually, Pooh went inside and stayed awhile. Sunshine had kept asking me if we could go back and watch the baseball team. So I asked some of our family to keep an eye on Pooh while I took Sunshine back over to the park. The only other people there were the players' parents. One batter hit a foul ball into the stands. Sunshine asked if she could go get it. I told her to let the player who was in the stands get it. Then when another foul ball hit the other side of the stands, a pitcher's mom(Ms. Emily), got up. Well lo and behold, she had gone to get the ball for Sunshine. Sunny was so amazed. Honestly, so was I. She was so proud of that ball. Then after practice, Ms. Emily took us down to where the players come out. She made sure all, but I think two, signed Sunny's ball. She thought it was the coolest thing EVER!!! By the way, I believe my child has a huge crush on Paul Burnside now. lol.

I remember before the park was built, waiting for the guys to come out so we could all go home, eat, take naps, then get ready to go out. (Some of my friends dated some of the players. One eventually married one of them.) Anyway, watching the little kids run up to them asking for their autographs was so touching. I looked forward to the day when I could do the same with my child. Well, one of my dreams came true on Saturday. Thank you so very much Ms. Emily. We look forward to seeing you this spring. Sunshine is so very excited about baseball season now.

As for Pooh, she was Princess of the Day while we were gone. lol. A little later her friend in the next RV came out of the game. So they got to play for awhile. That made the day all better.

And to end the day on campus, Kodi Burns (The QB for all those who don't know.) was coming down past the RV. Well, I asked my cousin who it was because he looked so familiar. It took Jordan a minute but then he kinda gasp and said, "That's Cody Burns!" So off he and his wife, Brandi, and Sunshine go to meet him and get Brandi and Sunny's shirts signed. I think Jordan was more excited about it than the girls were.

After the game we went back to Mr. Rick and Ms.Jamie's. The girls adore them. And Sunshine thought their big lab, Ally, was the sweetest dog ever. She's been talking about her ever since. Which says a lot since it is a big dog and she's terrified of large dogs. This is because of a German Shepard trying to attack her when she was 2. Anyway, thank you for your hospitality Mr. Rick and Ms. Jamie.

MIA again...

Sorry for all of you that might keep checking here and to those who've just givin' up. LOL!

A lot of life has happened lately. I finely figured out why I don't like reality shows. I have enough of real life drama in my own life that I don't need to watch more. lol. Seriously, folks. I have had so many 90 degree turns in the road called life that keep me on the edge of my seat waiting for the next. Who needs thriller movies/shows when you have a life like mine. I just have to giggle at how funny it is sometimes.

I will make a new post in just a bit of what happened this weekend. Super great weekend.;)