Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Have you ever...

been cursed out in bird? Well, my mother in law has. LOL!! She lifted the lid to the grill last week. Well, the momma bird came flying out at her just a fussing! She checked again today, and she was sitting on the nest just a cursing her. lol. Momma Bird now has SIX eggs in that pretty nest.

Then today I was spraying this antique rose bush before the Japenese Beetles came to devour it and before any blackspot consumed it. Well, looky what I found...

And this is one of my cute little, extremely helpful friends. I love seeing these little guys around.

As for my job, it is going fairly well. I am recalling a lot of things. It is a totally different world in there with a different boss. I really think I am going to love it or really going to hate it. It's all just so lax. Not at all what I was expecting. I think I am going to like everyone that I will work with.

I got to see an old roommate. I am so freakin' proud of her. She started out like me. Her dreams were big. Well, she has almost succeeded! She went to LPN school, then to RN, got her BSN, then MSN, then her Nurse Practioner's liscense. Now she is only two semesters away from her doctorate. Can I just say again, I AM SO PROUD OF MY FRIEND!!!! She worked hard and has done so well! She deserves it though. She had a rough life and overcame it all. I'm just in awe of her.

Now the girls are not that crazy about me working so much. It really hasn't impacted them too much yet. Just having to go to bed earlier and getting up earlier. The next few days will be different I think. Also, next week.

Well, gotta get everyone ready for sweet dreams. God bless you all as well as those who you love and love you.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Home Sweet Home...

Ok. You may be saying to yourself, "Why in the world is that crazy girl taking a picture of some old dilapidated, paint peeling, rusty grill?" (We still use this grill. Or at least did. I mean, come on, it is used to start and maintain fire so it doesn't have to be pretty.) Then yesterday, when I lifted the cover, I found this. Something thought it was just perfect. Perfect enough to start a family in.
I looked inside and found this little treasure. Got my camera took these pictures and replaced the lid. Called my friend, Amy B.-animal lover extraordinaire, to find out what to do with it. *Would've loved to use the grill but decided to use the other one. *Amy called the wildlife preserve in IL where she lives. They told her if I must move it, put it in a cardboard box with one end open. The momma bird may come back or not. They usually don't lay just one egg.

Well, today, I wanted to see if there was evidence that the momma had come back. Lo and behold, there are two eggs in the nest now. I decided to leave it alone. She must of laid it sometime during the night or early morning. Maybe there will be a bunch of little chirpies zooming around soon.That's a good reason to smile. Babies are always great. That is unless it is baby snakes! Those I can live without.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A few pics to enjoy...

(Don't cry Amy B., when you look at these.)

If you are in the central Alabama area and in the market for a GREAT outdoor, natural lighting photographer check out Amy Nabors. These are some pics she took of Pooh and Sunshine. I love how she captured the many personalities of Pooh. LOL! Keep in mind Pooh had viral pneumonia and Sunshine had just gotten out of school so she was very sweaty from playing so hard.

*Pooh had to have her hair up in dog ears. She also picked out the outfit. Of course, I had to put those big ribbon in her hair. She loved it.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Got a job offer!!!!

The local hospital just called and offered me the job I interviewed for the other day. It is 94cents less than what I asked for but I think I can deal with that. I would've really liked about 44cents more. Lets face it, I'm worth it. Two or three dollars less and it wouldn't have been worth my time. It is only prn, as needed, so I think it will work out with the girls. I told the lab director that if I could find child care when she needed me then I can work or if I got enough hours to justify putting them into permanent daycare then I would.

I pretty much felt the job was mine. I worked there a long time ago before I met my husband. A lot of the lab techs had been telling me to go back out there and give a resume or put in an application. I'm sure many of them had something to do with me getting the job. Plus, the asst. director is an old roommate-just friends. He seemed very happy to see me, so...

So, now I have two prn jobs. I'm hopefully going to get into a nursing program in the Fall or Spring. It looks like things are looking up for me.

Friday, April 4, 2008

'Jacking Laura Kurtz

OMG! This was so easy!!!! Seriously, I had Tex in my ear (really in my head-yes, I'm a little kooky. I'm not ashamed to admit it. Sometimes it makes life a little fun and exciting.;))the whole time saying, "JUST THROW IT DOWN!!" Well, I did it. This layout took me literally about 10min from start to finish. I grab cardstock then the other stuff that was around me. The stamps weren't even clean yet. I just picked them up, grabbed some orange ink and went to town. So I gotta ask...are you proud of me , Tex?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


is what I have been having(well, almost) for the past couple of hours.

My cousin decided to cancel go to see her mother this afternoon due to the storms that are suppose to roll in this afternoon. I am gonna sub for her Thurs. afternoon instead.

Was gonna take the prep test but the test administer will not be back in until next Monday.

So I decided that I need to use this extra time to make myself a checklist for schools and scholarship applications. So should have mentally prepared myself for it because when I was writing down the deadlines, I realized today is April 1. AAAAAAArrrrrrrHHHHHH!!!!!! I have less than 2mos. to get everything completed and submitted to the nursing schools. I have a little bit longer, but not much, to submit for scholarships/financial aid. I broke down in tears. I am truly going to try my best to make my dream come true.

Last night I was watching "Big Idea." The inventor of "Spanx" was on there. She said, "what have you got to lose?" I thought to myself, " you know, you are so right." What do I really have to lose? Absolutely nothing. I have so much to gain from all the effort I have put in so far and will put in once I am accepted and enroll in a nursing program. (Notice, I didn't say "if" I get accepted.)

Also, I didn't take my resume by but received an email this morning asking for an interview. I told them tomorrow would be great. So can you see why I am kinda panicing here?lol. Everything is going to happen right. I just have this overwhelming feeling. It feels like something else truly spectacular is about to happen with me.

AND I just got called in to sub for another teacher this afternoon. So I best go get ready.

Ya'll have a super great day.