Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wow! Time has flown by...

and many things have changed in our lives. We are a very happy family of four with our first mortgage and expecting a male addition to all the estrogen floating around here.

The girls are very excited to be getting a baby brother. So many funny things have been said by them. One of my favorites came from Pooh. "If my baby brother doesn't treat his girlfriends right, I'm gonna whip his butt." I burst out laughing. I just couldn't help it. She was not even playing around. Sunshine says he better date the "right" kind of girls, none of those hoochie mama-trash types are gonna do for her baby brother. Good grief I kinda fell sorry for this little man, and he is not even here yet.

We bought a very nice home in an established neighborhood. J got his trees, and I got my space from the neighbors. It is super quiet here except for the laughter inducing cry of Sammy, the neighborhood peacock. We get to see deer and other wild life in our neighborhood. Even the occasional snake. YUCK!

Life has been pretty good this year so far. And next year seems to hold many beautiful possibilities.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

ScrapSupply Sketch #36 Challenge...

For the 5yr Anniversary party, we had to chose one of 3 sketches and produce a layout. This is mine.

Amy N and Melita, I really do think you two will like this site because each month they post 3 new sketches. For the past couple of months that I've been part of the community, these sketches have been part of the Scrappy Day(online crop) challenges.

By the way, these are my mother in law's hands. She never keeps them still. She is always busy doing something and most of the time it is for someone else.

Thanks for looking, ya'll.

Get a load of these beauties...

that I pulled out of the carton this morning. I was so shocked and amazed at their size I had to take a picture. You'd think they'd be tough or not so tasty, right? Nope. They were firm, sweet, and delicious. Of course, they were not Plant City, FL strawberries, but who can really be so choosy? (Yes, Amy N., I check where they come from now.) These came from California.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

ScrapSupply 5 year anniversary party...

is a party where you could walk away with the gifts! Join me and others at ScrapSupply forum/gallery for the fun. There are many challenges yet to participate in still. (Sorry for posting this so late. Travel and Mother's Day kinda kept me busy.)

For all of you Scrap Etc. girls, this could very well be a great new home for you.;) It's just 41/2 hours from B'ham.

Moving on...

My home scrapbook store, Scrap Etc., is closing its doors. With so many big craft chain stores surrounding it, I can certainly understand how Lucy feels; like being surrounded by sharks. She seems fine with this decision as she is not stepping totally away. Lucy and her team will continue to put out the Scripts Kit. Plus, the events will continue. This has pleased many people.

So to this I say goodbye old friend...

and hello to my new one, ScrapSupply. I really do love this store. It is an online store right here in my new town. Thanks to Stacey Fike who had asked me if I'd already checked it out. Well, that night I went online to check it out and haven't turned back since.

Let me tell you about Wendy. Wonderful! Her nature alone is giving and caring, so you can imagine how she treats her customers. Fantastic! She has lots of stuff that you can't get elsewhere. Love this little store. Check it out. By the way, there is an anniversary contest going on right now. I will put up a post of it all on it's own. It deserves it.

OH! ScrapSupply also has a forum for us all to chat and a gallery with a section just for kids! How great is that?

Friday, May 8, 2009

Sunshine's creations for NSD...

It was her day to scrap with Momma. Unfortunately, it didn't start off so well and she decided to go with Daddy and Pooh to Chuck E Cheese for a bit. See, she wanted to do some challenges too, but wouldn't listen to me when I was trying to explain them to her. Then when I was trying to explain to her how to use certain tools and such, well lets just say neither of us were having too much fun.

When she came back, we both had cooled down and got to play nice. After a pep talk from my friend, Wendy (owner of Scrap Supply), on the phone I just let it go. So these are the creations Sunshine made.

For Memorable Seasons' Eyes Closed (She learned to use Stickles on this.) and No Cardstock Challenges(She learned how to do hidden journaling.): For Scrap Supply's Ad Challenge: So when the day was through, we were both happy and exhausted. We will do this again, but next time will flow much smoother, I'm sure.

NSD creations...

So this one I did to win a Cricut over on . Didn't win but am happy with how this layout turned out. The patterned paper and transparency is My Little Shoebox. Isn't it the cuteset? Love it! Then I created this one for a challenge I submitted to others over on . Again used My Little Shoebox. The scalloped circle behind is using one of MLS's scallop edged papers; just used a brown sharpie to trace the edges onto my cardstock.
I created this layout for a challenge over on's message board. We had to choose three items from a shopping list and use them on a layout. Mine were Thickers, glitter, and buttons. I put Stickles on the flower center and put the pearl button on top. Then I ink the Thickers and covered them with Stickles. I was going for the grungy and vintage look on this one.Another one for NM's challenges was Virginia's vintage. I did this one for my mother in law. It is her and her little brother. A few more for Memorable Seasons': 1. No Cardstock2.Multiples (Had to use 10 or more of one thing. I used flowers.) 3. Date (5-2=7 of something. I used brads.) I did one for Scrap Supply too but I'm not pleased with it. It is not quite finished for me. So, I'm not gonna post that one.;)

Thanks for looking ya'll. Hope you all have a great weekend.