Sunday, July 29, 2007


Goodness! I have just realized that I've missed a lot of blogs lately. This has been one crazy month. If I haven't gone to your blog in the past two weeks, please leave the link here. After changing things up and switching computers, I've lost a lot of my faves and have been trying to find them.

I so need to get bloglines set up. That way it will remedy this for me.

By the way, Cyndi, I am still getting hung up when I go to yours but I love you just the same.:)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Lots of stuff...

Did you realize that it takes 4 days to change the oil in your car to the dealership if you take it in on a Friday? NO? Really? Well, it does if you are me. See, my car was down to 20% on the oil gauge. When it gets to 15%, the oil must be changed soon. Since I knew I would have no time to get it done next week, I decided to call and see if they could get me in yesterday. I needed to have the brakes looked at anyway so off to Auburn we went. Well after sitting there for almost 4hrs. they inform me that I have an oil leak plus they have to turn the routers and put on new pads. They were going to put me in a rental. Thank goodness all of this was covered under warranty and they are paying for the rental.

We get the rental. They were going to put us in this little bitty car but the manager decided to put us in a Passat instead because of the girls. Thank goodness he did because Sunshine's legs were scooched up. So after getting the rental off we go to get something to eat. The girls had only brought some snacks with them and had eaten them all. Pooh and I get Chick-Fil-A while Sunshine gets a pizza from inside Target. We eat then head to look at some pants for me to sub in. Most of mine are worn out or faded. No luck there. So we head into Hobby Lobby to pick up something for a friend. Get it. We had something to take back to Best Buy but I was tired, the girls were fussing so I just said we'd go back on Monday when we pick up the car.

I've been itching to scrap but I have lots of other stuff to try to get done. I plan on cleaning out my room next week while the girls are gone to the beach. I'm cleaning out my closet too! For me a room really isn't clean unless the closet and all cabinets/drawers are organized. Also, I am not going to keep a ton of clothes that I don't wear or haven't worn for a while. What's the point, they are just taking up space, right? Time to purge.

Speaking of purging, Deborah, I will get the list of stamps I'm going to sell to you asap. It will probably be next week though because that's when I will go thru the big box. Amy did get the ebay thing figured out. So I will give the list to those interested then post what's left on SplitcoastStampers then ebay. I choose ebay last because sometimes the bidding gets ridiculous. While I'd love to get more money for the sets, I'd feel extremely guilty for taking more money than what the stamps are worth, so... that is my game plan.

Did I say that I'm ready for the girls to go to the beach? I'm getting as excited as they are. Everytime I walk into my room I want to cry. Can't wait to tackle that job. And what a job it will be. If it works out I may be asking family for some more time to take them. LOL! Especially a certain aunt whose house they've been begging me to go to for months. Hint, hint if you are reading this. hehehehehehe. I need to make a list of all the things I want to get accomplished without the interuptions.

Stacey, I can't find the recipe that I had wanted to send so I will just send one right off the top of my head. The other one was for my sweet potatoe soufle. I tweaked it a bit from the regular ole sweet pot caserole and can't remember how much of everything to use. So I'll send something else instead.;)

Well, we have our Sunday School party today. Hopefully it won't rain and the kids can swim. No matter it will be lots of fun.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Funny bloggings...

I've been meaning to post this for awhile and just keep forgetting. If you want to read funny blogging about everyday adventures of other people's lives, you must check out these two blogs: and . Sometimes the things that Mandy and Katie say have me literally in tears laughing.

Also here is the image on my last scrapjack that was thought to be a rubon:

It was made with a Making Memories stamp and three different colors of ink. After stamping I used a Versamark pen on the stamped image, sprinkled on Stampin' Up!'s Glassy Glaze(super thick clear embossing powder), heated the image and Voila! I really do like how it turned out. I had forgotten how much fun embossing powders are.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Jacking again...

I've been jacking again and here is the result:
I make myself finish my jacks before looking at all the others that have been submitted. I already had the pictures for this ready to go before they even posted the new Jack. Guess what? It worked perfectly! I've had this one done for a couple of days but haven't had the chance to scan/merge/post it. Now I'm off to look at all the others-or at least half of them anyway.;)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I need help with setting up an ebay account to sell my rubber stamps and some excess paper. Is there anyone out there that can help me figure all this out? I've read over it but still have a few questions. There are some other things I want to sell too, like baseball cards and costumes, etc. Please help me if you can at email Thanks!

Monday, July 16, 2007

You might be a clutz if...

You fall going up the stairs. Yes, that is exactly what I did today. Don't really know how I did it. I got a little dizzy then all of a sudden when I took a step forward I was sprawled out on the steps going up from the garage. Crazy! The foot that hurt right after is fine, but the other one is about to kill me. I'm almost ready to chop it off myself. But then again, that might hurt a little more, huh? Well, it's fine if I keep it down or stand/walk on it, but as soon as I put it up trouble starts. So of course I've been workin' on the new Scrapjack which has been super easy!

If you haven't tried Scrapjacking, see the link over there on the right under "Inspiration"? Click it and see the newest jack. Try it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I am finding myself waiting on pins and needles for the new jack to come around on the 1st and 15th of each month. I even had pictures set aside to be able to use for this jack several days before it was posted. And it works perfectly in my opinion. There is only one little section that I just can't figure out. Hopefully I will see the light in my dreams tonight and finish it in the am.

Speaking of dreams, I figured out why I love Stacey Fike's artwork so much. The colors she uses typically are so vivid. That is how my dreams almost always are. Sometimes they are in normal colors, but the really happy ones are vibrant. This conclusion hit me after waking up one morning. It was one of those Ah-ha moments.

Well, hope you all are having a great start to your week.

Friday, July 13, 2007

What a week!

First of all, Deborah, you are going to win our little challenge. I didn't get to walk but once in two weeks for all the following reasons...

We were going to take the girls to Six Flags on Friday but Pooh still wasn't feeling really great.

Saturday and Sunday we went looking for J a truck. I looked on Yahoo! Autos first thing Monday morning and found one to look at. He liked it so off we went. After an hour and a half drive there, we came home with the truck. It is used but had low miles and was in the price range we needed to stick to.

On Monday my father-in-law had a cardiology appt. Well, things didn't look so great. He had to go back on Tues. for a test. J and I decided to take the girls to the McWane Center while they ran the test. That way we wouldn't be but a few minutes away if something needed to be done. Well, he had to have a stint put in right away, but we didn't go to the hospital until later. It would've upset Pooh to see her Poppa in so much pain. When we got to the hospital, they had given him some Morphine so he could rest. Pooh was ready for him to wake up. I asked her why? She said, "So him can give me hugs."

Since he had to spend the night in the hospital, we didn't want to be too far away so we stayed at a hotel right down the street. It was raining so the girls didn't get to go swimming at the hotel which was kinda a bummer. Plus J was so tired from staying up all night worrying about his dad. So we all just went to bed.

When we got up early the next morning, Pop was on his way out the hospital door. He was doing well. So we went on over to the McWane Center to watch Harry Potter in IMAX. It was so cool. A lot left out, but with that huge a story with so many details, a lot had to be left out or it would've been about 5-6hrs. long. Honestly, I'm ready to go see it again on the regular movie screen.

After the movie we played a little at the Center. We then went to Best Buy to exchange the RAM J bought for my computer and to eat at Guthrie's. YUM! Such great chicken fingers. (I really wanted to take the girls to the one in Auburn for their first Guthrie's experience. Oh well...)

We then went home just to get J ready to go back. He is up for a promotion and had to get several awards that he has earned put in his record that weren't showing up. Hopefully he will get it this year. The last two there has been someone on the selection board that absolutely loathes him. J's not alone though. This person has screwed up many a Marine's careers just cause they wouldn't kiss his butt.

Yesterday, the girls and I went to the library. Got just a few books because we will go back tomorrow. After the library we went to swim with some friends. Pooh scared me a few times. She has no fear at ALL! She kept jumping off the diving board. Lost one of her floaties one time. Then another time she had taken them off, used a ring, and jumped in. When she hit the water, she decided to come out of the ring. Well, she didn't realize it was so far from the side of the pool and freaked a little. And yes, I'm sure she will be doing it again. That is why I am going to be looking into the inside pool lessons. That way it is an ongoing, all year thing. Not just summers.

Then today was a rough start because allergies and weather was kicking my asthma in high gear. I was out of breath just getting into my walking attire so I knew it was a no go. We just watched tv, read books, ate some pizza and ice cream. I even got to scrap some. YAY! Now I am headed off to bed after I take some allergy meds. Ya'll have a great weekend.

If you will please say a prayer for my father-in-law. We should would appreciate it. Love you all!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Scrapjackin' Ed Two

This is the other Jack that I came up with. I had to smudge out the girls' faces since they are not my children. This was a great jack obviously because I turned out two, plus Sunshine did her own journaling on this one.;) LOVE IT!! Plus this one only took me about 10min. total.

Scrapjack Ed. One

I have done two Scrapjacks this time around. This is the first one. Please excuse the photomerge. I still haven't completely figured the darn thing out. Anyway, this is what the journaling says:

1. Time passes quickly. Make every moment count.

2. Love completely.

3. Be true to yourself.

4. Sometimes the risk is worth the reward. Take a chance.

5. You will not always find an open door. Sometimes you will have to knock it down.

6.Embrace life. It molds & shapes who you are. At the same time, if you don't like what life hands you, it's up to you to change it.

7. Keep an open mind. YOu just may learn something,or seewhat God is trying to show you.

8. Be certain of your decisions. You are the one that has to live with the consequences.

9. I love you. Whether we are together or apart, I'm always there.

10. Blood is thicker than water. Noone, other than God, will love you more than your family. Never turn your back on those who love you unconditionally. They will be there when everyone else leaves.

Friday, July 6, 2007

The past weekend...

we had a huge wedding weekend. Our cousin, Bethany aka "B" (Yes, Aunt B to her niece. Sorry, B that just makes me giggle everytime. Seriously folks, she doesn't let her call her that because she hates it, but I find it hilarious.) got married to a really great, not changing for anybody, I am who I am man. Love you just like you are Matt! ;)

And the party began! In this picture you see two of my wishes for 2007 come true. B is married to a wonderful Christian man. And her sister is growing beautifully with a very special addition to our large family. Seriously, I love these two as if they were my very own sisters. B, I hope you two will always be as happy as you are right now. One of my wishes for 2008 is that you are huge with at least one baby by next summer. Of course I wouldn't mind sharing my b'day with a beautiful baby either.

I didn't get a lot of walking done this past week. It's been a really busy week for us. Also, my math was really off last time I posted. I didn't walk 12,000 steps; just 10,400. But still that is really great. I've been striving for at least 6,000 a day. It's only happened like 2x this week. Oh well, that's ok. I'll get back on track after my husband goes back and life is a little more normal again.

Let Freedom Ring! For the 4th we had planned to just BBQ some chicken. Well, Aunt Pam called and asked us to go over to her house for a cookout with all her family and some friends. It was a very impromtu thing since the wedding tuckered most of us out. lol. It was so much fun and so much good food. Aunt Susie brought her super incredibly yummy teacakes. Some were in the shape of the Liberty Bell, complete with the crack. Others were stars and flags. We also had homemade strawberry icecream. YUMMMMMM.

It wasn't long before dark when we got home, so J set up the fireworks before we went to visit Aunt Margie and take her some watermelon. We stayed for just a few minutes then headed back across the road to start the explosions. The girls and J had a blast.(No pun intended.)

We had planned on going to 6Flags over Georgia today, but Pooh got really sick yesterday. Weds. night she had a runny nose. Gave her some meds for it. Then yesterday morning she woke up fine but a little bit later was sleeping again. I knew she didn't feel well so she and I stayed home while J and Sunshine ran down to Auburn to pick up some stuff for my computer. While they were gone she started vomitting. That set my laundry completion back a few hours. Anyway, she slept most of the day yesterday. She slept thru the night and is much better today. So soon as she eats something other than a popsicle-and able to keep it down, we are headed out of town for the day.

Hope you all have a great day and weekend.:)

Nic Howard...

is my newest scrapper find! Check out her blog here . Her style is clean and simple but kicked up a little-well, maybe a lot. ;) Her new book, That's Life , was just released on Weds. I can't wait to see it irl. Go check it out and see for yourself how right I am on this.;)

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I Got Mail...

And the best kind too! Look at what Ms. Stacey did for me. And without much begging and pleading! She used a picture from our Disney World trip last summer. Also she used every color that is going in my scrapspace when I get one. I was going to wait to share it until after I have it matted and framed, but I just couldn't keep it to myself any longer. Sunshine LOVED it too. Pooh's statement was, "Wow! Your friend did that for you?" So funny. I can't wait to hang it on my wall. I see a trip to Hobby Lobby or the framing shop uptown coming on Thursday.;)

Editted to add: Stacey informed me that the rose cluster on the washer is from a piece of her great-grandmother's costume jewelry! The collage may be about my family but it has a piece of Stacey's in there too. That makes it all the more special. Thank you so much, Stacey. I love you, girl!

For Britney

The top shelf shown shows my stamp sets in the CD cases. The lower shelf shows my background stamps in clear Stampin Up! boxes setting on top of black photoboxes. In the black boxes are my larger and unusual shape foam stamps.In between them are more sets in CD cases.
Upper shelf seen here is a basket holding supersized foam stamps. Then my threads, some fabric, bobbins, needles are in the case. Next to that is some more SU! clear plastic boxes for foam brushes and flat foam stamps.

The bottom shelf holds a case with all of the girls' craft stuff-well some of it., then some more flat foam stamps.
This is one ofmy smaller acrylic sets. I still have them on the plastic backing stored in a CD case.
Here is rubber stamps in CD case. I put Alene's Tack It Over & Over o the back of them.