Saturday, March 21, 2009

I've lost my mojo...

and don't know where to find it!!! All creativity has left me for now. I have lots of new scrappy stuff and just can't get with it. I think I'll pull out my inspiration book and see what I can find.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Friday, March 13, 2009

No School today...

Why? Because it snowed last night after a bit of freezing rain. A lot of it has already melted, and it is time that I would've been leaving to take the girls to school. They could've gone today! I was hoping to spend the day with them anyway, so it just worked out better for me. hehehhe.

So for today our plans will be to clean the house. It desparately needs it. I was sick for two weeks so it has piled up. My pile of laundry to be ironed alone is gonna take me a few hours. Ugh!!!! Anyone want to come do that for me.;)

The girls will be busy in their room cleaning. I pulled everything out from their toy closet. Oh my!!!! I covered their whole floor with the stuff. My statement to them when they had such pitiful looks on their sweet little faces? "If you would put it back where it belongs after you are finished with it, you wouldn't have such a large mess. Therefore, you would have more play time, tv time, or whatever-you-want-to-do time." All the while knowing my scrap space is a huge disaster. BUT I am not complaining about cleaning that up. I made the mess but am looking forward to making it pretty again.

Company is coming today. In 9hrs. Lindsey should be arriving at our front door. She is excited. We are excited. Hopefully it will be enough to motivate the girls. We will see...

Here is what greeted me when I looked out the front door after J started his truck to go to work.

Holy Guacamole!!!!!....

I was browsing V's blog list when I stumbled upon this little jewel! Total awesomeness. Go check it out! I'll be putting it over there on the right for later reference. Yeah, it's that fantastic.;)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Red,red wine...

Alright, so my sometimes(j/k) sweet friend, Grethen(only I get the fortunate priveldge to call her "Hoffman" or "Hoffy"...Ehehehehehehehehehe!), recommended a wine on her blog the other day. Well, I can't seem to find it anywhere up here. So today at the store I found this wine. It has a raspberry and citrus flavor mix. Plus, get a load of the price tag...I'll let you know later if I pay for the price or not. So far, it is really yummy. Thing is, should I be worried that my almost 9yr. thought it smelled really good and that my 6yr. old ask if she could have a drink of my "wine juice"?

You know what else? I'm really digging the label. I love that truck. When I thought I could actually make it thru medical school to become an MD, I had envisioned myself driving a truck like that, only in blue or a green color with rust. For some crazy reason, I had the idea that some men would see as a possible sugar momma should I drive the candy apple red sportscar my heart still desires to this day. Crazy, huh?

Anyway, Back to the is inspiring a layout. Look at the colors. Look at the simple design. LOVE IT!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So I was tagged by Melita to post the 6th pic on the 6th folder then tag 6 people to do the same. I'm changing it a bit cause I don't like all those numbers.;) I am going to choose the 3rd picture on the 7th row and tag 3 people.(My logic is I was married on 3/21/97...3x7=21 and March is the third month of the calendar year. And let's be honest...probably only three people are gonna see this right?lol.) So, here it is...from my cd because there are no pics on this computer...It is my daughters saying goodbye to my husband right before he left for Iraq. So now I tag:

Stacey F.
Amy N.
Susan O.

Monday, March 9, 2009


about how I should really feel. See, for those of you who don't know, I have had to let go of some people in my life to relieve a lot of stress and eliminate some reoccurring depression. One of those people was my dad, step dad really. I miss him a lot sometimes, but every time I'd talk with him I would be depressed for days on end.

Well, I received a message that my niece had called. She left word that her dad, my oldest step brother had passed away two weeks ago. She said they had been calling but didn't leave a message. Why not leave the freakin' message?! That kinda ticked me off. Anyway, my brother had his share of problems and rounds of depression. His life was really messed up; some was of his own doing while some was not including abduction of said niece when she was only 16. I thank God almost everyday that she was found alive and seems to be recovering from it all fairly well.

Back to my point of confusion. I don't really know how to feel. I don't know what happened. How he died. Did he kill himself. Did he accidentily overdose on his prescription meds? Did someone kill him? Did he die of natural causes?

Then there is the whole thing with my dad. I haven't spoken with him in more than a year now. He wasn't there for me when I needed him the most. Now both of his biological sons are gone while he is living on borrowed time himself. Should I call him and send my condolences knowingly opening up a chain reaction of depression, guilt, remorse, etc. for myself or should I just leave it all alone, deal with it and move on?

Honestly, I'll feel regret either way. The question is which way do I go?

(Sorry, this is just what is on my mind today.)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Scrap time...

This is the first Challenge I have finish for the online crop over on . You had to use one of the sketches found here. I chose the first one. I created the layout and the card from the very same sketch. I will add the sentiment on the card later.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Online Crop is going to be held over at Scrap Supply on March 7th. Not sure of the time yet but there is already a jumpstart on a challenge posted since it might take more than one day to complete it.

Today, I went browsing thru the warehouse prioritizing my wish list. Ummmm, needless to say there were several things that were added to said list. It is awesome though. I put in my order yesterday morning, thinking I'd get to pick it up maybe Thurs. or Friday since Wendy has sick children. NOPE! It was ready by the afternoon. Granted it was a small order but still! I will have a somewhat larger order going in probably Friday or Sat. Stuff I want like right away, especially the stuff she has only one left. So if the website says there is only one left, you better get it before I do, cause those are the things I'm getting first and foremost. hehehehe.

Happy day to all of you!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Scrap Etc. #9 Challenge...

was to create a layout about a birthday(s) and hand make at least one embellishment. Well, this is about my recent birthday and the little rosette is handmade.

I made the rosette by making several different size circles, spraying the back of each circle with Glimmer Mist, inking edges of rosette, and then roughing up the edges with my finger nail. Attached all the circles and inserted a brad in the middle. These were extrememly easy. Got the idea from Prima's lollipop flowers. I used the heart shaped candy boxes from Vday to make the big and little hearts. All patterned paper used was the Daisy D's that I have been hoarding since about 2005. Also the card that came with the roses is behind the picture and the raffia was tied around the roses when they arrived.

It seems like I am getting board with one layout at a time and eventually start throwing down whatever just to hurry up and get it done. I did it on the last one and did it on this one too. Hmmm... i think I need to just have some fun with my layouts and not really care how they turn out.;)

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Just had to shout that out to the whole world! She is absolutely WONDERFUL!

1. She offered to pick up for me whatever I wanted from the SiStv warehouse sale. Only thing I really wanted was the Hambly Raffle transparency. So she got it, and I was trying to figure out when I could go pick it up from her.

2. She calls me on her way home and meets me at Starbucks so I could pick up said transparency. I cannot tell you how excited I was. Not only did I get the transparency but got to spend time with her. The added advantage was my Sunshine getting to meet her. Sunshine has stars in her eyes. It was so cute.

3.Did I mention how wonderful she is?

4. She told me about this site that is local. I've already contacted the owner and will be placing an order this week to pick up this week. Need anything, Stacey?

Thank you so very much Stacey! I love you very, very much. I am already thinking of the collage I'd like you to help me create for the girls' room. I'll need it pretty soon, so... I see a road trip for one of us in the near future. :)