Monday, April 30, 2007


It just burns me up!!!!

I was reading a book, Ya-Yas In Bloom by Rebecca Wells, and there is a chapter in there about this self righteous mother. Well she is run off the road by these two young black men-according to her. Of course the police lock them up and let her just go free. No real investigation. All this after they get her to the hospital. Just ridiculous. I had to put the book down and collect myself.

When I was little my favorite uncle said the "N" word. I didn't speak to him for a long time after that. He never said it around me again. I also don't think it should be used by black people referring to each other either. It is so demeaning. For me it is the same as calling a white person, "white trash." But for me it is far worse.

But you know the cookie crumbles both ways! Black people are just as racist against white people for being white or lighter skinned colored people. That's not right either. A very good friend of mine who is light skin once told me that darker skinned colored people treat her awful sometimes- when they don't even know her!!! How absurd is that! One time while shopping with her daughter who was so light she looked Caucasian was harassed by some darker skinned girls. What's up with that?

I just don't understand why we are going through all of this STILL today. I do know that some prominent people, ie. Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson, like to add fuel to the fire. For instance the Imus catastrophe. (Understand I have never liked him and very much disliked his show.) Yes, what he said was very wrong, and he should have apologized to those young girls. ut But so should a lot of people to a lot of others.

Someone once asked me if I thought the problems in Iraq would ever be resolved. My answer was, "No." How can we ever think that we can help them fix their problems when we ourselves cannot forgive, forget, and move on?

Why can we not love each other, without double standards, even though we were created with different opinions, skin, religions, etc?

I tell you today, I love you even if we don't see eye to eye on everything.


I am not very good at sharing my layouts. I NEVER put my best ones up on here or in online galleries. I say I'm saving them for submissions, but do I ever follow through. Well, no. I am going to try to do better though.

So do you always share your best?

Editted to add: I just submitted two of my layouts to Simple Scrapbooks. Only one of my friends, Amy, has ever seen them. I doubt they will get picked up, but it's worth a shot, huh? I'll never know if I don't try.;)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Marine. NOT a Soldier!

It just ticks me off when I see things like this. They post a picture of a Marine and call him/her a Soldier. Just like this one was posted on the front of the news page of Yahoo! with the caption under the photo saying, "Honoring the Soldiers."
Every Marine earned that name; along with their eagle, globe and anchor by going thru the Crucible. For those who don't know what the Crucible is, it is a test of strength, endurance, pain, teamwork, and bravery. And that's just to name a few of the challenges they face during the afore mentioned test.
Just like all Airmen(Air Force), Seamen/Sailors(Navy), Soldiers(Army) have earned their own titles by their own right they should be called correctly. It is an insult to call them anything else. If you want to lump them all together, call them TROOPS. They are not all Soldiers.
I call my dh a "Soldier" just to get under his skin. It seems that me calling him that can get him aggitated like nothing else can. I find it quite humorous. Of course he does not. hehehehehe. But I have shed many a tear, put in many long hours alone, done many packings for his last minute missions/deployments; therefore I have earned that right to harrass him as such. The media has not. Whether they realize it or it's just plain ole stupidity. (If anything, the media has damaged them all to the networks' benefit by making up stories or twisting the truth.)
Please, do not call a troop by the wrong title. Even though you are trying to show them respect, you are not. Here is a list of what to call them:
Marine Corps-Marine
Air Force- Airman
Navy- Seaman/Sailor
Thank you.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sally, where are you?

See the girl on the right? That use to be me. I really need my friend, Sally, here.
I know that girl would have me running my butt off-literally. LOL! Of course she'd probably pump me full of coffee then knock the hamburgers out of my hands.
I must get rid of all this weight. So who is out there who is willing to be in competition with me? Like I said in my previous post, I've got a lot to lose. I'd like to lose 20lbs. by the end of summer. You wanna make that goal with me?

Tag! You're It!

I was waiting for this day to come. LOL! Emine tagged me so here's the deal: post 7 random things about yourself. Hmmmm.... let's see.

1. I'm a big time Auburn University fan. So much so that I'd rather live in a shack in Auburn than in a mansion in that other town.

2. LOVE the color orange. Not pale, not pumpkin, but bright Auburn orange.

3. My daughters are the center of my world.

4. Being sick makes me so angry. It just gets in the way of the things I need to get done.

5. I'm just a tad bit OCD. Ok, that is really an understatement, but I do try to control it.

6. I'd like to lose 30-40lbs. to get back into my sz5 jeans and them be a little loose. ;)

7. I'm a message board maniac.

So who shall I tag now?
1. Stacey F.
2. Jody F.
3. Amy N.
4.Christine O.
5. Kelli
6. Nan
7. Kay

Friday, April 20, 2007

Good Golly Ms. Molly!

There is a new hot scapper on the horizon! She so totally rocks! It's amazing that she has been doing this art form for only about 6mos. She started about a year ago but took a 6mo. break and started back. I'm so greatful she did. Go take a look here and you will see what I mean! Those of you who know my slight obsession with ORANGE lately will understand why I adore her. It is her signature on her layouts. All her layouts that I've seen are pure eye candy for me. And on top of all that she is just sweet as she can be. I am just crazy for Emine Pala!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Shout out to ...

My girls, Christina Padilla and Sally Hanna! Congratulations to you both!!!!!

Christina was asked to join Rouge de Garance's US design team. That is so freakin' cool! I knew they loved this girl over there but dang! It still blows me away. I cannot wait to see what she creates with the stuff I am dieing to get into my hands. Pooh, who is CP's future daughter-in-law, is gonna be just as happy for her. She's CP's littlest, biggest fan EVAH! Everytime I pull up a picture with CP in it she has to see it. CP, you are just too freakin' talented. Love ya, girl.(Good thing seeing as we are going to be family and all, huh?LOL!)

Sally was chosen to be on SoML's design team! This woman soooo rocks! She's been scrappin' I think for like a year ONLY. Watch out though. She has the potential to be huge. I am prodding her to do all sorts of stuff. Heck if she doesn't I may be turning her in myself. Hehehehehehe. Some of you may be asking, "but Mary, weren't you trying out for the same DT?" Yes, I was but who cares! Sally and the others who made it really deserved it. Great works there.

Also, I had picked who would be chosen for the SoML DT all but one. I had an honorable mention switch with one who did make it. For the RdG DT I thought CP, Adrienne Looman, and Kristina Contes would all be great fits. But I still say Sally would've too (Maybe she is just a little too unknown for right now for them). Hmmmm... guess I have a good eye for who fits where, huh?

Have a great Tuesday ya'll! Tonight or tomorrow I will be posting about a new scrapper that I've just meet. She caught my eye because she always uses my favorite color, orange, in all her layouts.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Sunday, April 15, 2007

My SoML DT Call Submission...

Yesterday, my friend Sally told me to go ahead and try for the DT. Well, I thought about it as I went to sleep. After much thought I said, "Why not!" Well, I had planned on doing a really good one today, but just ran out of time. We had church all morning, a Walmart run for necessities, Bethany's wedding shower, homework, and showers. I just got the girls in bed for the night so I don't think a new layout is in my future tonight. Although, I do have it laid out on my table to start on tomorrow while doing laundry. Hey! At least it got me started on a layout that I've been waiting to do for awhile.

So, Sara, here is my submission....
Journaling reads: So 6...With a personality all your own. Playing with baby dolls is seen less and less. As is playing dress up. Now you are often caught writing in your diary, reading a book, or primping in the mirror. You're so boy crazy that it's not funny! Especially when it comes to Jessie McCartney. Daddy really doesn't like it at all. You love cheering, dancing, and singing, So many little girls your age are trying to find the balance. You're not. You're just you! So Six.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

One thing...

It amazes me that one little bit of embellishment can change the look of a layout. I felt something was missing on the tribute lo for my new friends at SoML. I played around and discovered it didn't need something else at the top. It need something on the bottom left side. I grabbed a little piece of ric rac and VOILA!. It is done.

Friday, April 13, 2007

I did this as a shout out to my new friends over at Story of My Life. Looking through their galleries, so many of them use "white space" in their layouts. So I decided to just have fun with it. This is what I came up with but I feel like something is missing from it. Hopefully I will figure it out later. The journaling is hidden under the picture. The picture/page is about how sick her tonsils made her and how different she was after they were removed just a week before this picture was taken.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Teacher's Gifts

Well, it is that time of year.
Teachers' Gifts.
What should we get them. Or should we make them something?
The homeroom teacher for Sunshine, I thought a gift card to BAM.
Her reading teacher will be getting a SU! gift certificate.
As for Pooh... who knows. Her teacher was thrilled when she got a Wally World gift card at Christmas.
But what about the others? And the bus driver? I must get the principal and vice principal something good this year so they will be put with great teachers again next year.

Any advice out there?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My Birthday

It's just over two months since I did this. It was how I spent my birthday. Of course it has taken me that long to post it. You know I'll eventually get around to posting. You just have to be patient. lol.

I did it for the girls' room. They were so excited when I hung it up for them to see. Which made me feel good that they were proud to have it hanging on there wall. I cut Strawberry out of a Thank You card, used Stampin' Up! and Technique Tuesday stamps, Heidi Swapp chipboard hearts, American Crafts ribbon, and I think it is Making Memories number stickers. I'm happy with it because it only took me a couple of hours.

Which will it be?

Well, the time has come for Jason to make a decision. Should he stay in the Marine Corps or get out. I really don't want him to go back to Iraq. He's been offered two jobs to stay in. If he gets out he will have to have a high risk job. Otherwise he will not be happy. I didn't realize 10yrs. ago I married such an adrenaline junkie. What is so scary is that my little Pooh is just like him. NOTHING really scares that child. The faster or higher you go the happier she gets.

If he says goodbye to the Corps, will he be happy? If he's not happy neither will we be. I have prayed that he makes the right decision and hopes the rest of the family can understand it. He has asked me what he should do because it involves "us" not just him. I've told him that whatever he decides is fine with me. He is the one who has to do that job, not me. I can adapt and overcome. I've done it all my life, so it's no big deal for me. The girls will also be fine with it. As long as we are together again.

Now... should he get out, I have put in a request of being no more than 4-6hrs away from home. He thought I was bad when we moved ALLLLLL the way to California. He doesn't even have a clue as to how the girls will be after leaving their Nonna and Poppa. Lol!

Plus, omg! It is going to be some rude awakening for him. My OCD has come back with a vengeance. Soon as they get my kidney fixed, I will be going mad throwing out and cleaning up. About two weeks ago, I spent five hours in the girls room. Yes, I said five hours. That was after spending two days washing and putting away winter clothes. I've already cleaned out my closet and some drawers. Man, did that feel good! It has begun to bug me knowing that closets and cabinets are not tidy. It seems to be all I think about. Well, besides scrapbooking that is. LOL!

I've not even had time to get on and blogstalk or chat on the SE mb because I've been too busy doing the other stuff I must do to get thru everyday life. Hopefully, I will be posting some stuff I've done recently on here soon. Until then, have a great day/week everyone.


Where has the time gone? So much has happened since my last post.

Jason came home. We picked him up at the Atlanta airport. The girls were so happy to have him home. His mother was precious. Once we got home the reaction from his dad was overwhelming. Pop is a very hard exterior man. Very seldom do you get a glimpse on the inside of his heart. Except with the girls, of course. It took him less than a minute to get off the phone. He got up to hug Jason, and broke down crying. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. It was so sweet.

Jason was sick almost all week. So he slept a good bit.

We went down to Memom's in Auburn for an egg hunt. It was too cold to go feed the livestock and to the pond. We all just hung out inside the house. Of course the kids were all downstairs except, Pooh. She got sick. After she drank some Sprite, she was ready for the egg hunt. She found the Golden egg($20) again this year. Abby told her mom that next year she was going to be Ryann's partner. LOL! Sunshine found a bunch of candy filled eggs.

Easter the girls and I got up and got ready to go to the worship service. Right after I brushed her teeth and before grabbing my cell to head out the door, Pooh got sick. Well, I put on her jeans and shirt. She went and took a nap. We then put on our clothes to go hunt eggs at Aunt Pam's. She got sick again as we were walking in the door. A little Sprite and she was all better. Think I am going to see if she is prediabetic or hypoglycemic. She is sleepy/nauseated/urinates a lot. When she eats or drinks something, she's better. Anyway, Sunshine found the Jackpot Egg there. It had a ton of candy in it. Pooh found the most eggs. Thank goodness it was a bit warmer than the day before.

Hope everyone had a great Easter.