Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The need for ...

Supernanny. I feel it is simply ridiculous that we are now to the state that we, as a society, have to have a supernanny come into our homes to correct the problems between parent and child. And the fact that so many have this problem that a tv show has been made is astonishing to me. What has this world come to?

First of all I feel that we have left God out of our homes and life too many times. He is no longer allowed to visit our schools and now our homes. Soon church will just be a social club.

Secondly, too many people try to give their children too many tangible things rather than their time. In the society we live in now, everyone wants what others have.(Envy/Covetting; another thing that could be avoided if God was allowed in.) I am so very grateful to my family. They afford me the opportunity to stay home with my daughters. This gives my girls security in knowing that someone is always there for them.

Children need/want discipline. It sets the basis of future lifestyles. I don't agree with Dr. Spock for every child. Every child is different and has to be treated as such. What works for one won't for another. My pastor, Bro. George, once did a sermon about disciplining children. Either they can be your friend while they are young, and then disrespect you later. Or you can be their parent now and friend later. I tell my girls all the time, after they get mad at me, "I am your mother, not your friend. When you are grown and have children of your own, then I will be your mother and friend ." I also tell them I love them even though I am not happy when I have to scold them.

One friend said on the Scrap Etc. MB, " What's wrong with those parents??? Don't they know that they make the rules, not the kids???" I couldn't agree more. Love your kids and teach them respect others and you will receive respect in return.

So what's your thoughts on the matter?

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Fragrance Addictions

I know you're wondering, "What?" It is late at night and I can't sleep. When I have time to myself to think, it only means trouble. I think about really strange things. Like fragrance addictions.

Lately, I just can't get enough of coffee. The smell. The taste. I want it all day long. Every day. Ohhhh, jalapenos is another one for me. Some people enjoy the smell of roses, and so do I. But give me jalapenos over roses any day.

My best friend has an addiction to onions. If they bottled it for a cologne and her husband wore it, you'd not be able to put a sheet of paper between them. The girl loves the smell of onions!

Another friend has a thing for butter cream. Don't know exactly how strong this is, but you can bet she will mention it at least once a month in some way on her blog. lol.

Do you have any strange fragrance addictions?

Sick Kids

Sick children can throw you completely off course. I had a ton of things to do this week, but then my oldest got sick. Not for a day or two. I'm talking 5 full days. Four of which were filled with spiking temps and tummy aches. Then the last 2 of the 5 days she had a runny nose and cough. The doctor ran a CBC, just a virus.

Isn't it funny how quickly children bounce back from illness? By noon on the 5th day she was a totally different person! I even caught her aggravating her little sister. That in itself was a huge sign. Then I caught her running and playing. As long as she has her med in her, she is good to go. Yeah!!!!

So, I will have to play a ton of "catch up" this next week. Suppose to start subbing this week but maybe it won't start til the next.;)

Monday, January 8, 2007


I'm no where near where I thought I'd be but so far from where I started. Yes, the dreams I had for my life changed somewhere along the way. My dream of being a doctor(ER phys. or brain surgeon) changed to a Nurse Anethetist then to a Registered Nurse. Well, then I met my dear husband. Love has a funny way of changing everything. He was destined to be a Marine. I was destined to be his wife. I am still waiting to fulfill my dream of being a nurse. One day, someday...

Although, love changed my dreams, I can't say they went down the tube. The path to fulfillment just got altered a bit. I have no real regrets because of my two beautiful girls. They fulfill me by ways of smiles and laughs. Now their dreams are mine. I will do my best to help them realize and accomplish all that they try to become. I will not push my personal dreams upon them. They are their own people with their own minds, therefore their own dreams.

I may not be where I had planned, but I am where I should be.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Happy Birthday, Momma!!!

Today would've been my mother's 57th birthday. Wow! It is hard to imagine her being that age. I guess that is a vantage point for her passing away at the age of 34. I will always remember the beautiful women she was. So full of life, even going through chemo, bone marrow biopsies, etc. She was a real fighter. I don't think I could ever have fought as hard as she did. I guess you could say she fought for everything her whole life. Troublesome childhood. Getting beaten by her father for sneaking out of the house to go to church. The whole family did. Leaving home before graduating high school. A really horrible first marriage. Struggling to raise me on her own. Proving to the courts that she was capable of raising me alone. Finally finding true love and happiness. Then after almost 6yrs being married to the man you are so in love with, to be diagnosed with leukemia. I can't imagine.

To know her was to really love her. At her funeral there were hundreds of people. Seriously. I never knew she'd touched so many lives. Later I was told that when someone had refuse the treatment for their specified cancer, they'd send her in. Eventually she talked them into the treatment. Sometimes I wonder just how many lives she actually saved. How many got to have their own children? How many other parents got to see their children have a child and got to see the first smile of their last grandchild? How many got to witness their children's high school/college graduations? Sometimes I wonder.

Again, a good way to look at this is I will never see my mother age. She will always be the feisty red head with a heart as big as Texas that added spark to every party.

Happy Birthday, Momma. I love you!

Life Gets in the Way...

Can you accomplish everything that you set out to do everyday all the time? Not me. It never fails that when I try to plan something, ie go to Birmingham(Scrap Etc.) without my girls, it never works out. I am learning to just go with the flow. Life is just gonna get in the way too many times. So just adapt and overcome.;)

My intentions are good, honest. But I just don't always seem to be able to fulfill what I set out to do.(Just like now, as I try to compose this, I am hearing, "Momma. Momma, look..." in my left ear. Grrrrrrrr!) When I was just a "stalker" I wondered why people didn't blog everyday. Some people actually look forward to reading the entries. Like me. Well, my intentions have been good. Sorry for those who've been waiting for my blogging.

Gonna try to do two of them today. It will be kinda happy one next. Since I had a really great day, I am thinking happy thoughts. I'll be back in a few.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007


Warning: My thoughts are all over the place today.
I find it simply ridiculous that our President has to tell the nation and our enemies his plans for the war. What the ****? Why not just line up all our Soldiers, Airmen, Seamen, Guards, and Marines against a wall and execute them. While we're at it, do the same to every living American. Then spit on the graves of the deceased veterans and in the face of those still living. The freedoms of the American people and the countries we protected so long ago will all be in vain. Sometimes it is best to not know! Ingnorance is bliss, right? I'm sure that if the American people knew just 1/2 of the daily threats the government receives on a daily basis, 9 out of 10 people would not leave their homes. Seriously! If I were President, I think I'd tell all those Reps. and Senators to go suck an egg.

Every time you turn around there has to be an investigation of some sort. Just like the detainees at GBay. They did or said something to trigger suspensions of terrorism to land them there. They are detainees, not guests. I'm sure they are receiving better treatment than my daddy did as a POW in Vietnam. And a heck of a lot better than those who've been captured by the Al Queda. Simply ridiculous! Now I don't think that there should've been pictures taken of the detainees by those service members. That was just a lack of morals. I personally did not find it funny in anyway.

Then there is the issue of those Marines who killed the citizens in Haditha. You have to consider that these service members have to take into account that everyone is a possible suspect of terrorism/insurgency. If the citizens do not do as they are instructed then they are liable to get hurt or killed. Our service members don't just go in blowing up places or on shooting rampages. Sure there may have been other avenues to take, but we weren't there. They had to think in a moment's notice. These same "innocents" could've been the next ones to carry out another 9/11 or acted against one of our bases over there. These Marines acted to protect themselves, each other, and the rest of America. Yet they are being severely punished for a mistake made in a moment's notice in a war.

In the years to come, I'm sure we will applaud Bush. He walked into a huge mess that Country Boy Bill left. I will save those thoughts for another day.

I think it is time to post a happy thought next.

But before closing, I ask this of you. Next time you see a member of the United States military, thank them. Shake their hand. Or even give them a hug if permitted. They've given up so much and yet ask so little.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007


Today while taking my daughters to school, I heard that a man had confessed to sodomizing a 3 year old. It made me sick to my stomach. How can anyone hurt a child? I just don't understand it. I do realize that they are sick, but still... This man that stripped this child of its innocence will be able to make a plea bargain once the case goes to trial. How can this be? Something is seriously wrong with our judicial system. A drug dealer gets life while a confessed/proven child molester gets just a few years and then is turned back out on the streets to have the opportunity to harm another child? That is sooo wrong. Yes, I do feel the drug dealer should get time. A lot of crimes are committed due to drugs, but those who take the drugs or the ones who commit the crimes do it to themselves. A child molester does it to another person; a truly innocent person at that. My thing is give them a plea bargain of life in prison without the chance of parole or death. Plain and simple.

Also, I do not fault any parent that takes action upon a child molester that has harmed their child. I feel the Old Testament laws should be used in these such cases; an eye for and eye. I do realize that because of Jesus dieing on the cross for our forgiveness, this person's sins are no worse than my everyday sins. But seriously! I don't know if the person would ever make it to prison if it were me. If they did, I would make sure their life there would be the most miserable moments of their lives. Everything they did to my child, they could look forward to on a daily basis. It may sound cruel and inhumane to some of you, but that is how I feel. If you shatter a child's life,dignity,happiness, take away their innocence then you should not be allowed to live much less carry on to harm another child some day. Those thoughts and urges just don't go away with therapy.

So that is my thoughts for the moment. Simply put, the judicial system is letting our children down.

Monday, January 1, 2007

The beginning...

Many have asked for this. (Why? I still don't have a clue to the answer on that. I guess either some of you find me humorous or interesting. My husband would say I'm just simply crazy. LOL!) I had said I would do this for all of you over at Scrap Etc. Especially V.;) Give me time to work out all the bells/whistles and kinks. Please be patient.

Some of you who do not know me personally, need to beware. I am very strong in my beliefs and feelings. I am very respectful of individuals and their views but at the same time expect the same in return. This blog will be my thoughts and feelings. Please keep that in mind when you post a comment. If you don't like what I have to say, simply don't read my blog. Period. Skip over it.

With that being said, I will tell you a little about my beliefs and feelings which will give you insight on what you may find here. First of all, I am a Christian. I love God. He has been the one constant in my life. He has never let me down. If I have stumbled and fallen, He is the one who has been there to pick me up. Whether it be through an angel he put into my life or a new direction for me to take. Because of his loyalty and belief in me, I will not leave him. I would like to learn more of other religions, for I truly feel there is some type of connection to some. There are too many similarities to be ignored.

Secondly, I am a mother. God blessed my life with two beautiful gifts. I truly beleive they are my purpose in life. Therefore it is my responsiblity to teach them the love that God has shown me and to help them find His purpose for their lives.

Thirdly, I am a military wife. I have very strong opinions about certain issues. Some of you may disagree with me on several topics. Keep in mind these are my thoughts and feelings expresed here. If you can enlighten me and others, by all means go ahead. In doing so, however I will reiterate, keep in mind these are my thought and feelings.

And last but not least, I am a keeper of memories. Scrapbooking is a passion. I got to stamping through scrapbooking. It all started almost 6yrs. ago and has been a wonderful journey since. I have made many wonderful friendships through the art. Scrapbookers are a different breed of character, but are so caring for one another due to the common bond they share.

Happy New Year to all! Hope 2007 turns out to be the best that it can be for you and yours.