Monday, March 31, 2008

Twiddling my thumbs...

is pretty much what I am doing at the moment. I really need to be starting the ironing and taking out sweaters and coats from the closets, but here I am at the computer wishing it were April 1. "Why?" you may ask. Because tomorrow will be a new Scrapjacked day. I'm getting into the groove again and can hardly wait for the new one to be posted. It got me so in the groove that I have done about 6 different layouts since I finished the "Tex" one. I'll try to post some of them soon.

I seriously need a real job or start school. Tomorrow I am going to have to take a reading test for entrance into a nursing school. I have not taken any form of test in probably 10yrs. Hopefully, I will do well. After the test, I get to sub for my cousin who is a seventh grade science teach. The class that I get to sub for is my absolute favorite of hers. Shhhhh...don't tell anyone that though. They are all bright kids and so fun. LOVE THEM!

Going to go give my resume to the lab director today too. It'd be nice if she asks when can I start, but not getting my hopes up. I just keep telling myself the right thing will come along for me in time, whether it be school or employment.

Hope you all have a super great Monday.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Thank goodness....

Just had to share with all of you what a do-do I am. I couldn't get music loaded on my little iPod Shuffle again. It just kept winking(blinking) green then orange over and over again. No matter how many times I turned it off then on again, same thing. Finally I decided to hook it up to the puter and restore the factory settings. Loaded music on there again. Lo and behold! Would you believe that it worked? Well, it did. I'm so excited. It has been winking since I flew back from San Diego Feb. 2.

So now I'm excited about it working I think I can get motivated to walking again. I had gotten up to walking about 2hrs. a day. 1hr in the morning and 1hr in the evening. Of course, I was really burning off a whole lot of anger. The girls have both been sick with different stuff since I returned from SD so it's gotten me waaaaaaaay off schedule. So I must get busy again.

Also, yesterday I submitted two layouts to two magazines. Crossing my fingers here. They are layouts noone has seen. I think I am going to submit another one today. I'll never know if I don't try, right?

Well, hope you all have a great Friday. Off to do some challenges. Ya'll have fun now.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

So here's part of the story...

I am getting a divorce. Yep, that's right. I said the "D" word. I am doing ok though. A lot happened when he got back from Iraq. Don't worry about me though. As soon as I can work out some kinks things are going to be just fine for ole Mare.

You know how in an old post I had said I may not be where I want to be, but I am where I am supposed to be? Well, I am. I firmly believe that God is leading me to where I am suppose to go for Him not just for me. I asked Him to show me His path. Now I ask Him the strength to follow and stay on said path. Trust me, it sure ain't easy. lol.

Through all of this I have found out who my true friends are. Those who stuck by me and stuck their necks(as well as pocketbooks) out for me. To those of you who did all of this, I don't know where I'd be without you. You have been my security blanket thru it all...and still are. I really do believe God put you in my life to be my rocks when I refused to let Him be.

Yea, I was angry with God. I'll admit it. How could He let such horrible things happen to us? To my babies? But I came to the realization, thru church and lots of talks with the Heavenly Father, that we all have choices to make. God gives us the wonderful thing called "Free Will." It is up to us to make the choices whether they be right or wrong. There were lots of bad choices made, but I must move on.

Friends have always said I am a very strong person. Well, you know what? I never really saw that, but now I do. BUT I am only strong because of those who kept me up when I was falling. So to all of you I say, "thank you and may God bless you all today and thru your whole lives." God blessed me by bringing you all into my life.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Alive with new Scrapjacked...

Yes, for anyone who has been checking this blog, I am still alive. My life has truly turned into a whirlwind of events. More on that later. For now I leave you with my Janine Langer Scrapjack.

My friend, Sally, is absolutely wonderful. I felt I needed to go ahead and do a page about her so my girls would remember her and what she means to me if I leave this world today. So what better time, right? The picture is digitized( I think that is the word for it anyway. lol.), but for fear of truly leaving my daughters motherless, I chose not to use the other photos I have of her. Those pictures will only be used for emergency blackmail purposes. Ehehehhehehehhe!(Btw, that's one of Sally's little saying things.) So here you are....
And here is a little pic of the brads used on this page that I won from Jana during my very first ever cyber crop over at Crop Addict. Thanks, Jana I love EVERYTHING you sent.