Tuesday, January 2, 2007


Today while taking my daughters to school, I heard that a man had confessed to sodomizing a 3 year old. It made me sick to my stomach. How can anyone hurt a child? I just don't understand it. I do realize that they are sick, but still... This man that stripped this child of its innocence will be able to make a plea bargain once the case goes to trial. How can this be? Something is seriously wrong with our judicial system. A drug dealer gets life while a confessed/proven child molester gets just a few years and then is turned back out on the streets to have the opportunity to harm another child? That is sooo wrong. Yes, I do feel the drug dealer should get time. A lot of crimes are committed due to drugs, but those who take the drugs or the ones who commit the crimes do it to themselves. A child molester does it to another person; a truly innocent person at that. My thing is give them a plea bargain of life in prison without the chance of parole or death. Plain and simple.

Also, I do not fault any parent that takes action upon a child molester that has harmed their child. I feel the Old Testament laws should be used in these such cases; an eye for and eye. I do realize that because of Jesus dieing on the cross for our forgiveness, this person's sins are no worse than my everyday sins. But seriously! I don't know if the person would ever make it to prison if it were me. If they did, I would make sure their life there would be the most miserable moments of their lives. Everything they did to my child, they could look forward to on a daily basis. It may sound cruel and inhumane to some of you, but that is how I feel. If you shatter a child's life,dignity,happiness, take away their innocence then you should not be allowed to live much less carry on to harm another child some day. Those thoughts and urges just don't go away with therapy.

So that is my thoughts for the moment. Simply put, the judicial system is letting our children down.


Virginia said...

Yes... that is so gross and sick and inhuman. I have people very close to me that have been victims and I have seen firsthand how many ramifications and effects these types of actions have.

I would totally be enacting the eye for an eye stuff if that happened to anyone in my family. Especially my kids.

Sally said...

I agree with OT punishment too. All to often criminals get off way too easy. It's a sad, sad world we live in.

Disney Scrapper said...

Mary my husband can stand a lot of stuff, but mess with a child and he would probably take his clery collar off. We watched a special this past year where they showed all of these men showing up to meet with little girls they talked to on the internet. Marc was having a fit. I agree with Sally, we live in a very sad world.

Jenney said...

That's such a terrible crime and, you're right, the child will never really recover from it.

I think to same way - eye for an eye. Hopefully he'll get the same treatment he gave his victim while he's in prison. Personally, I think anyone that commits a violent sexual act should be castrated. Just my opinions!

Nan said...

Now I see why you were so upset! I agree....life in prison without parole....OR ANY LUXURIES!!!....or death! I can take a lot..but if I see anyone hurting a child....well..stand back!