Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The need for ...

Supernanny. I feel it is simply ridiculous that we are now to the state that we, as a society, have to have a supernanny come into our homes to correct the problems between parent and child. And the fact that so many have this problem that a tv show has been made is astonishing to me. What has this world come to?

First of all I feel that we have left God out of our homes and life too many times. He is no longer allowed to visit our schools and now our homes. Soon church will just be a social club.

Secondly, too many people try to give their children too many tangible things rather than their time. In the society we live in now, everyone wants what others have.(Envy/Covetting; another thing that could be avoided if God was allowed in.) I am so very grateful to my family. They afford me the opportunity to stay home with my daughters. This gives my girls security in knowing that someone is always there for them.

Children need/want discipline. It sets the basis of future lifestyles. I don't agree with Dr. Spock for every child. Every child is different and has to be treated as such. What works for one won't for another. My pastor, Bro. George, once did a sermon about disciplining children. Either they can be your friend while they are young, and then disrespect you later. Or you can be their parent now and friend later. I tell my girls all the time, after they get mad at me, "I am your mother, not your friend. When you are grown and have children of your own, then I will be your mother and friend ." I also tell them I love them even though I am not happy when I have to scold them.

One friend said on the Scrap Etc. MB, " What's wrong with those parents??? Don't they know that they make the rules, not the kids???" I couldn't agree more. Love your kids and teach them respect others and you will receive respect in return.

So what's your thoughts on the matter?


Nan said...

Oh Mary!! I watch this show....I laugh...and at the same time I feel soooo sorry for these children. I grew up "having" to give was expected of me. It was the best thing that my Mother gave to me!! I have respect!! One thing that I have always told my boys.....they don't have to "love me" or "like me"....they DO have to show repect to me. FIRM on this one! They love me, like me and they respet me. It is a great return for me! They aren't always angels, nor am I......but we "feel" so close to each other. We live in a world today that where it is much easier to give in to our's hard not to. I have friends that are going through some very big crisis' with their's sad.....
I can't judge....I just thank God everyday for what I have.....keep praying that I keep the faith.....and the strength to start the next day over again!!

interuption!!...Cole just came up....spontaneously said, "I love you" and kissed me. these are the little moments that I love!!!

We never know though, what is going on in other's lives. To me, when I see a child that needs some sort of attention....I give it. Whether it be a smile or whatever!! Children are so very precious!

And, that's my two cents worth!!! Love ya girl!!!

Lee-Ellen said...

couldn't agree with you more mary!!

dh and i battle on this though - he wants to be bryce's friend way too often....

Paint Chip (aka Cindy) said...

I've not watched that particular "reality" show. Not into those too much. They seem to fake and not very "real" to me.

But I agree with many of your thoughts about parents taking their responsibilities seriously and guiding children in a proper way.

Can't understand the whole nanny-gig thing. If one has children, it seems to me they should be doing the parenting. NOT a nanny!

Sally said...

Your friend hit the nail on the head!

Sara Berry said...

Mary...I actually KNEW one of the families on that show! Trust me, they needed the help...and for the reasons you stated. I have one child and he's my world, but I am his mother first and it's my job to teach him how to function in this world we live in...not to be his buddy and give in to every whim. Thankfully he's a good, good, kid, but when he needs guidance that's what he gets. Great post on your part.

momtotwo said...

I am sorry but I do not agree with you. I am a Christian SAHM with 2 children. I act that way I want my children to act. I show respect to everyone because they need to learn to respect everyone. But just because we are Christian and pretty good parents doesnt mean our children will not have problems. My daughter went through a phase around 2.5 years old where she would throw a small toy if she did not get her way. I didnt know what to do because I do not believe in spanking. I love the Nanny Show because it showed me other discipline means, other than spanking. I learned a whole lot about how to discipline children. I am a first time mom (x2 now) and dont know these things. As a kid I was sent to my room or spanked. I dont believe in that like I said. I learned about the naughty spot (which worked until recently). I also leanred about the chart, the reward jar, and taking away something of value (for my daughter story time at bed time).

Just because I raise my child to know that she needs to be respectful doesnt mean she wont test he limits. She has to become her own person sometimes. She has to test her limits. Thats what kids do. It doesnt matter how many times a day we pray, how christian we are, she is going to misbehave at times and I have a lot of resources now to help me through different stages. I dont have the time to read a bazillion parenting books.

I am not here to shower my kids with $ or to be their friend. I am their mom first anf formost. Again that doesnt keep a kid from mishebaving. There is not such thing as a perfect child. Children rebel...its life!

I am really upset that you are so against this show. It has helped myself and dh greatly along with a lot of our friends and family members. I know some very loving Christian families who have children that are very disrespectful. Yes they are respectful. Are they bad parents? No. They just needed to learn some other discipline strategies as the ones they had were not working.

To each their own I guess But I am glad that show is around. God will give me strength to get through a tantrum but he will not give me parenting tips.