Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Thank you, Sally! My dear sweet friend Sally said she blew some snow from her way in Kansas down towards Alabama. It made it! Granted, not much, but still. The best part was that I had Baby Girl with me. To be able to witness the amazement in her eyes was truly incredible. So very glad I didn't miss it.

Happy Valentine's Day to you all! Not too much going on here. Woke up this morning feeling great. Just a little bit of coughing, not much. Then the girls were so easy to get up and ready for school. It was really great.

I've got to get pictures picked out, uploaded, and ordered for the Scrap Etc. Event next month. I am so incredibly excited. Monique announced the other day that Kah-Mei, owner of Fontwerks, will be attending. Meeting her is going to be probably the highlight of the whole thing for me. She is just so great!!! I'm also going to be begging her to make a particular set of stamps that I have in my mind that I really want. LOL! Let's see if my beggin works with her as well as it does with Monique. LOL!


Nan said...

Mary! I can see you discussing your "design"!! Really! Go girl!!

Being from the South, I can really see your excitement about the snow!! I didn't see snow until I was a teenager!! 16 years old!! Went with a couple as their babysitter! I cried! I stood there in amazement! No pictures, but wonderful memories!

Sally said...

Your welcome for all the fluffy white stuff!!!

I hope you are planning on sharing these designs with me!