Thursday, February 22, 2007


where did it go? Just yesterday I was bringing my Pooh home from the hospital. Putting her in her swing in front of the shaded patio window for a bit of sun because she was jaundiced. Wasn't it just yesterday? It really couldn't have been four years ago, could it? Wow! How can that be?

We made cupcakes on Tues. night so she could take them to preschool to share with her class. The story for the day was The Hungry Catepillar. He ate cupcakes. So you know I had to put some little gummy worms on top of each cupcake which were of course covered in green icing. The real party isn't until Sat. That's gonna be fun.

Pooh got a Leapster for her birthday. One of our friend's son has one. Once she saw his there was nothing else she wanted. So $90 later, she is a very happy camper. Now of course, Sunshine wants one too. But she also wants an expensive b'day party. Already told her she has to decide because she can't have both. Nonna and Poppa gave her a Barbie wedding dress. She loved it too.

Also, her daddy got to call her on her b'day which was the best present of all. She was so tired from all the festivities of the day, she was asleep by 10pm without a fuss.

What a happy day to have a healthy beautiful daughter. Thanks be to God.


Jody said...

Yum! Cupcakes! I don't care what color the frosting is. =) Happy Birthday fun at that age. Brock just brought birthday treats to school today- cream and frosting filled- chocolate donuts. I'm sure the teacher loves sugary treats like that. =) That Barbie dress is bound to gets lots of use, huh?! The Leapster too. And yes, time goes way too quickly when it comes to savoring every minute with your kids. Especially when your hubby is gone. I'll bet they grow up twice as fast for him. I'll be thinking of y'all on Saturday. =)

Amy said...

Wow! It comes in pink now? So glad she is enjoying it!

Jenney said...

Aw!! It sounds like she had a wonderful birthday!!

They grow up way too fast don't they?!

Disney Scrapper said...

Simply adorable.