Friday, March 23, 2007

Have to post this...

Allison, Christina, and Stacey.

I have to post this picture because I love it of CP. Even with a plastic tube up her nose she is beautiful and sexy. That girl could make even a plastic bag look good. LOL!

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Jody said...

Awwwe Thanks for sharing your photos and thoughts. I so missed out, didn't I?!!! Shame on me! Now I'm missing the after-event sale too. I can see from the pics here that I would have 'fit right in' with all the crazy, excited, fun-loving women. I think I might have to PhotoShop myself into the back seat right next to the funky chickens! =) Too funny, huh? Next year. I am banking on being there and meeting you and whoever else Monique draws to the event. I will be eagerly awaiting the dates! Happy finding your happy self...although I think you're doing pretty darn good already!