Friday, March 23, 2007

Online Friends

It is amazing how close you can become with you online friends. These are three that I am so lucky to have in my life.

First there is Nan. She is fun loving, caring, and good grief does the woman ever love giving "happies". LOL! She is like a sister. I love her with all my heart.

Kay is like a momma to me. That's a good thing being that my momma was my best friend. Kay is the type of friend who will drop everything to come running to your aide. She knows exactly what to say or do and when to say it. She knows when to say nothing at all. Her looks can speak volumes. I love this woman and am so blessed to have her in my life. (That's her waiting for Lily at the airport.)
Sally is so sweet, fun, and drop-dead gorgeous. She is the piece of me(the fun) that has gotten lost somewhere along the way. The realationship she has with her mom is great. Hopefully one day Rylee and I will share the same. (I say Rylee because Ryann is a daddy's girl.)Thanks, Tex, for being my friend.

After seeing her in action this weekend I see why all the doctores kept asking me if I was depressed. Maybe after all the dr. visits, hospital, needles, passing out from pain, and drugs; I really am depressed and didn't know it. Hmmmm.... maybe I should ask the doctor for some good drugs like Monique. LOL! I'm sure running 4miles everyday like Sally would kick in all those endorphins too. lol. Can any of you really see me running 4miles? Haha, that's funny. Maybe walking, but certainly not running. I'd wind up covered in bruises from falling so much.
It was a great weekend spending time with these wonderful women.

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Kay said...

Thank you for showing so much love to me Mary. I appreciate all the sweet comments. I LOVE you too!!!!

Nan... yep, we will keep this woman. She is okay in my book. Never a DULL moment. LOVE ya Nan!!!!

Sally... Wow... lots of crack a lackin fun with this girlie!!! You rock!!!! lubs ya!