Monday, March 19, 2007

Told you so!

To all those who didn't come to the Scrap Etc. 2007 Event. It was so unbelievable. I am still trying to deal with all the emotions that it stirred up.

I got to meet up with my message board friends. That was totally amazing!

Heather Preckel is just the sweetest, most lovable person. In her class I used Nan's Crop-a-dile. Nan laughed at me, because before I caught myself, I said, "Wow!" in amazement at the thing I held in my hand. It really does cut thru even a clipboard like "buttah"(just for you Gretchen).

Kristina's class was awesome. Of course, any class with Hambly in it is going to be out of this world cool.

Stacy's class was great. The Finish Line class was really stressful for me. I didn't even have time to pick up a ruler. For those who don't know how I scrap, this is a really big deal. I still didn't get it finished. I will work on it later. The book I am doing is for the girls. It is of them and my husband. Maybe when he comes home he can do a little bit of journaling in it for them.

Robin's class was cool too. I found out that I did do the balancing thing right. And that I am more organized than I thought. All but the things from childhood, I would've found in probably less than 5min.

Allison's class was the best for me. This was the one class I had waited for and it was last. The cost of the Event was worth it for this one class alone. I started crying from one of the pictures posted at the very beginning. It was a mom holding her baby but the dad was over the mom's shoulder looking down at the baby. The emotions in the dad's face is what got me. Wow! That was a powerful picture for me. I seriously need help with photography so this was the icing on the cake.

That is until later that night when I finally got to meet Kah-Mei(owner of Fontwerks). I will post a picture and the story later. If I start talking about it now, I will seriously get to bawling. A really emotional experience for me. For Monique it is Heidi Swapp. For me it is Kah-Mei Smith.

I missed my girls the whole time. That was really difficult for me. It was the first time I was away from them for more than 12hrs.(most of that being sleep).

I've got to send out shout out to Sherry. Hi! I didn't realize she read this thing until she told me at the Event. Good grief did that ever blow me away!

There was so much more that I have to say but just thinking about the last two things has brought tears to my eyes and now I must close.

Take care all. I will post again about the Event in a couple of days.


Disney Scrapper said...

Mary I am like you , I don't think anything about the weekend has truly set into my brain yet. It was soo amazing......and getting to meet you was the icing on the cake. Wish we had seen each other more.

Deborah Pickens said...

Mary, I'm commenting here because I've been having trouble logging onto the Scrap, Etc. forum. The A2Z paper you asked about - would it be in the Island line from last summer? I'm not at home with my paper, so not sure I'm thinking about the same thing, but if I am, I have a surplus and would be happy to share.

Nan said...

Hey Mary, Mary!!!! I haven't even slowed down or stopped since the Event! Not even been on the MB!!!! WHoa!! That's big for me!!! You are allup on this blog thing this week girlie!!! Great photos!! I have enjoyed looking at all of them!!! I will be posting on my blog hopefully this week!! Got to get caught up with you!!!