Thursday, March 29, 2007


It was never going to happen. The highlight for Event for me was going to be meeting Kah-Mei. Nan, Kay, Melinda, Rhonda, and Lily got to meet her at the airport. Kelly got to go with Jer to get her and take her back to the W. Well, Thurs. night I never did see her. Friday night, I waited in line at the Rave for 10min. once, 15min. a second time, and 5min. another time. Each time more and more people came to do the projects. I didn't need to do the projects, I just wanted to meet her. I realized it was not going to happen that night and went back to my room brokenhearted. But I still had Sat., right?

Saturday's activities came and went. No meeting Kah-Mei. I finally gave in to the realization that it was over. Never going to happen. My chance had come and gone. So, that night I went downstairs to take some pics of Nan, Kay, and Rhonda. Passing thru the lobby going back up to the room, who should be walking in the door with Emma, but Kah-Mei! I got so exicted. I felt like one of those fanatical fans. I hope I didn't scare her too much. She knew who I was! Well, at least she acted like she did. Emma took our picture for me. (Big THANK YOU, Emma.) Kah-Mei asked me to send it to her. Of course I did!
Kah-Mei being silly at the airport.

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