Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Marine. NOT a Soldier!

It just ticks me off when I see things like this. They post a picture of a Marine and call him/her a Soldier. Just like this one was posted on the front of the news page of Yahoo! with the caption under the photo saying, "Honoring the Soldiers."
Every Marine earned that name; along with their eagle, globe and anchor by going thru the Crucible. For those who don't know what the Crucible is, it is a test of strength, endurance, pain, teamwork, and bravery. And that's just to name a few of the challenges they face during the afore mentioned test.
Just like all Airmen(Air Force), Seamen/Sailors(Navy), Soldiers(Army) have earned their own titles by their own right they should be called correctly. It is an insult to call them anything else. If you want to lump them all together, call them TROOPS. They are not all Soldiers.
I call my dh a "Soldier" just to get under his skin. It seems that me calling him that can get him aggitated like nothing else can. I find it quite humorous. Of course he does not. hehehehehe. But I have shed many a tear, put in many long hours alone, done many packings for his last minute missions/deployments; therefore I have earned that right to harrass him as such. The media has not. Whether they realize it or it's just plain ole stupidity. (If anything, the media has damaged them all to the networks' benefit by making up stories or twisting the truth.)
Please, do not call a troop by the wrong title. Even though you are trying to show them respect, you are not. Here is a list of what to call them:
Marine Corps-Marine
Air Force- Airman
Navy- Seaman/Sailor
Thank you.


Eminepala said...

Ow girl... I don't know anything about names (Netherlands is kinda different you know) BUT i will keep it in mind ;)

have a great day

sally hanna said...

thanks for the clarification and yes, i already knew that a marine was not a soldier! lubs ya girlie....and i think that i figured out the banner little 'ol me all by myself...heeh heeheh heehe!! and in case you didn't know...i'm good, i'm really good!!

Jody said...

Thanks, Mary for the clarification. Seems the media likes to offend people more and more these days. Intentional or not...I'm not sure why. Also, I can't help but think of the names that our 'Commander in Chief' has been referred to as well. I have a hard time with people who don't "respect" authority...whether they agree with policies, issues, or the way those develop in full. I didn't always "respect" what Clinton did while in office, but I'll bet if I had met him, I most certainly would have held my posture high and addressed him as "Mr. President". Thanks for being so 'vigilant' and patriotic, when so many Americans choose not to even do their simple homework. By the way...I should get to my tag soon! Thanks! =)

Disney Scrapper said...

Mary girl, you should be writing a column.