Saturday, April 21, 2007

Tag! You're It!

I was waiting for this day to come. LOL! Emine tagged me so here's the deal: post 7 random things about yourself. Hmmmm.... let's see.

1. I'm a big time Auburn University fan. So much so that I'd rather live in a shack in Auburn than in a mansion in that other town.

2. LOVE the color orange. Not pale, not pumpkin, but bright Auburn orange.

3. My daughters are the center of my world.

4. Being sick makes me so angry. It just gets in the way of the things I need to get done.

5. I'm just a tad bit OCD. Ok, that is really an understatement, but I do try to control it.

6. I'd like to lose 30-40lbs. to get back into my sz5 jeans and them be a little loose. ;)

7. I'm a message board maniac.

So who shall I tag now?
1. Stacey F.
2. Jody F.
3. Amy N.
4.Christine O.
5. Kelli
6. Nan
7. Kay


Eminepala said...

Thanks for playing along sweety ;)
We both share the love for orange... How cool is that ;)

Nan said...

hey I post these here or where? How 'ya doing girlie!! talk to you soon.!!!