Thursday, April 12, 2007

Teacher's Gifts

Well, it is that time of year.
Teachers' Gifts.
What should we get them. Or should we make them something?
The homeroom teacher for Sunshine, I thought a gift card to BAM.
Her reading teacher will be getting a SU! gift certificate.
As for Pooh... who knows. Her teacher was thrilled when she got a Wally World gift card at Christmas.
But what about the others? And the bus driver? I must get the principal and vice principal something good this year so they will be put with great teachers again next year.

Any advice out there?


shelly b said...

hey from SoML. I'm a teacher so I thought I'd comment on this! (High School teacher, so I may be different). I think the best way to go is ALWAYS gift cards!! To wherever! Depends on the teacher, but there is no way a teacher wouldn't want a gift card. My husband and I are BOTH teachers and we bring home so much STUFF that neither one of us uses...homemade stuff, etc is a great thought, but it's hard to keep it all if you know what I mean!!

Nan said...

I agree with cards are the way to go. I've made some really cute/nice I thought....for teachers these past years. I went to buying gift cards and the teachers allllll comment on how much they love them!! And, no matter what you do or say......a gift won't influence where or which teacher your child is placed!!!!!! I have 2 neices that are teachers and they say "gift" cards are awesome!!! Even if they are for $5!!!!!