Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Which will it be?

Well, the time has come for Jason to make a decision. Should he stay in the Marine Corps or get out. I really don't want him to go back to Iraq. He's been offered two jobs to stay in. If he gets out he will have to have a high risk job. Otherwise he will not be happy. I didn't realize 10yrs. ago I married such an adrenaline junkie. What is so scary is that my little Pooh is just like him. NOTHING really scares that child. The faster or higher you go the happier she gets.

If he says goodbye to the Corps, will he be happy? If he's not happy neither will we be. I have prayed that he makes the right decision and hopes the rest of the family can understand it. He has asked me what he should do because it involves "us" not just him. I've told him that whatever he decides is fine with me. He is the one who has to do that job, not me. I can adapt and overcome. I've done it all my life, so it's no big deal for me. The girls will also be fine with it. As long as we are together again.

Now... should he get out, I have put in a request of being no more than 4-6hrs away from home. He thought I was bad when we moved ALLLLLL the way to California. He doesn't even have a clue as to how the girls will be after leaving their Nonna and Poppa. Lol!

Plus, omg! It is going to be some rude awakening for him. My OCD has come back with a vengeance. Soon as they get my kidney fixed, I will be going mad throwing out and cleaning up. About two weeks ago, I spent five hours in the girls room. Yes, I said five hours. That was after spending two days washing and putting away winter clothes. I've already cleaned out my closet and some drawers. Man, did that feel good! It has begun to bug me knowing that closets and cabinets are not tidy. It seems to be all I think about. Well, besides scrapbooking that is. LOL!

I've not even had time to get on and blogstalk or chat on the SE mb because I've been too busy doing the other stuff I must do to get thru everyday life. Hopefully, I will be posting some stuff I've done recently on here soon. Until then, have a great day/week everyone.

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