Thursday, May 3, 2007

Tagged Again!

Well, I've been tagged again by my sweet and wonderfully talented friend, Gretchen McElveen; whom I affectionately call "Hoffy." Ehehehehehehehe!!!! Rylee helped me with some of these.

1. I sing in the car at the top of my lungs. Yeah, so I may be a little off key, ok a lot, but the only ones who have to endure it are my girls. So who really cares.

2. I hate being late. You could say that sometimes I'm the March Hare running around saying, "I'm late! I'm late! I'm late for a very important date." I have even been known to be "mean" when I am late.(That comes from threatening to take away tv for a week if people don't get their butts in gear.)

3. When I get in my purging moods, especially before a move, I will throw all kinds of stuff away. Even papers to a car that isn't paid off yet.

4. I don't like to throw stuff like food wrappers or uneaten food loosely in an outside trashcan. I jumped down friends throats for doing this because someone had done it to me before. When I went out at night to throw the trash out, I got bitten by some ants. Besides that's just gross! Most people throw away those plastic bags from Walmart, etc. Why not keep some of those in the garage/near by and use them?

5. A crawfish boil is one of my most favorite things EVER!!!!!!!!!! I guess cause it also coincides with baseball season. But also, it is not complete without ice cold beer. Of course the crawfish have to be extremely spicy hot. It is also the experience of the whole thing, not just the food.

6. Speaking of hot, I must have some kind of pepper every day. Usually it is jalapenoes, but sometime I vary from the norm. Also, hot sauce is becoming a daily staple. I've been known to dowse some on crackers lately. YUMMY! Texas Pete is the best with crackers.

7. I really am trying to cut back on my coffee. I could drink it morning, noon, and night. Recently I cut back to about 4-5 cups before 1pm. After that it is water.

So here are my seven new tags (If you don't have a blog, just post here.):

2. Cyndi
3. Raunda
4. Sally
5. Deborah
6. Michelle S.
7. Melita


Eminepala said...

mmm interesting sweetie ;)


Eminepala said...

Hi girlie

We can do always a photoswap together ;)

let me know if you're interested ..


mary h. said...

I don't do as well as you artistically. My style may be a little too frufru or simple for you. lol. But I will be MORE than happy to trade pics with you.:):):):)

Disney Scrapper said...

Ok Mary I posted on my blog.

sally hanna said...

what if i don't wanna be it??
besides, i'm a FAST runner, don't ya know!
pppttthhhhhhh! (yeah,that was a raspberrry)

Raunda said...

okay, here i go:
1. i drink 6-8 diet cokes a day and have never had a urinary or kidney infection. ((knocking on wood))
2. i am not a morning person. i can be pretty grouchy.
3. i grew up in new jersey. i am a transplanted northern.
4. when i answer the phone they always ask can i speak to your mother.
5. i like old school hip hop music.
6. i never drink water.
7. i really want to have a big princess wedding since we got married in the pastors office. ((I know it is a waste of money,but i reallllly want one. can you tell i'm whining.)


Deborah P said...

Ack!!! I don't have a chance to check your blog for a few days (but I DO have a new precious great-nephew!!!!) and I find out I'm tagged! Okay.

1. I LOVE children and, most of the time would rather talk/play with them than with adults, but I also LOVE to give them back to their parents. :)

2. This is probably not little-known, because I tend to brag, but I'm a doting great-aunt to a great-nephew - 2 1/2, a great-niece - 2 months and a just born great-nephew (brother to the 2 1/2 year-old great-nephew). They are the closest I'll ever have to grandchildren and they are wonderful!

3. I love to go out to eat by myself with a book to read and, if the book is really good, I'm disappointed if I run into friends who insist I join them.

4. Like Mary, I HATE someone to put loose garbage in my outside garbage can.

5. Il Divo makes me swoon, especially Sebastian.

6. I'm anal AND somewhat obsessive-compulsive, but not about everything, as evidenced by my currently messy house.

7. Although I'm a champion scrap product purchaser, I've only made 2 double page layouts and, just last week, one mini-book for my great-nephew.

That's all folks!

melita said...

Okay are my 7! =)
1. When I need a break from my kids, I take my gameboy and hide in my room for 15 minutes playing tetris.
2. I LOVE country music! And 2-stepping even though I haven't gotten a chance to kicker dance since college.
3. It really frustrates me that my house is so cluttered, I try to purge, but my packrat dh always seems to find "uses" for 90% of the stuff I am trying to get rid of.
4. I "heart" Dr. Pepper. When I was pregnant, I ate Dr. Pepper Jelly Bellies daily!!!
5. I love to sing, even though I am not very good at it.
6. I have watched High School Musical so many times, I actually like it now! (Working on learning the dance moves so I can teach them to my kids too =)
7. I was born in London, England.
Ok, there you go Mary! Love Ya!

Disney Scrapper said...

I'm just dropping by all of my scrapfriends blogs and wishing them a Happy Mother's Day. Hope you have a great Day Mary.