Friday, July 6, 2007

The past weekend...

we had a huge wedding weekend. Our cousin, Bethany aka "B" (Yes, Aunt B to her niece. Sorry, B that just makes me giggle everytime. Seriously folks, she doesn't let her call her that because she hates it, but I find it hilarious.) got married to a really great, not changing for anybody, I am who I am man. Love you just like you are Matt! ;)

And the party began! In this picture you see two of my wishes for 2007 come true. B is married to a wonderful Christian man. And her sister is growing beautifully with a very special addition to our large family. Seriously, I love these two as if they were my very own sisters. B, I hope you two will always be as happy as you are right now. One of my wishes for 2008 is that you are huge with at least one baby by next summer. Of course I wouldn't mind sharing my b'day with a beautiful baby either.

I didn't get a lot of walking done this past week. It's been a really busy week for us. Also, my math was really off last time I posted. I didn't walk 12,000 steps; just 10,400. But still that is really great. I've been striving for at least 6,000 a day. It's only happened like 2x this week. Oh well, that's ok. I'll get back on track after my husband goes back and life is a little more normal again.

Let Freedom Ring! For the 4th we had planned to just BBQ some chicken. Well, Aunt Pam called and asked us to go over to her house for a cookout with all her family and some friends. It was a very impromtu thing since the wedding tuckered most of us out. lol. It was so much fun and so much good food. Aunt Susie brought her super incredibly yummy teacakes. Some were in the shape of the Liberty Bell, complete with the crack. Others were stars and flags. We also had homemade strawberry icecream. YUMMMMMM.

It wasn't long before dark when we got home, so J set up the fireworks before we went to visit Aunt Margie and take her some watermelon. We stayed for just a few minutes then headed back across the road to start the explosions. The girls and J had a blast.(No pun intended.)

We had planned on going to 6Flags over Georgia today, but Pooh got really sick yesterday. Weds. night she had a runny nose. Gave her some meds for it. Then yesterday morning she woke up fine but a little bit later was sleeping again. I knew she didn't feel well so she and I stayed home while J and Sunshine ran down to Auburn to pick up some stuff for my computer. While they were gone she started vomitting. That set my laundry completion back a few hours. Anyway, she slept most of the day yesterday. She slept thru the night and is much better today. So soon as she eats something other than a popsicle-and able to keep it down, we are headed out of town for the day.

Hope you all have a great day and weekend.:)


sally hanna said...

I'm glad your baby is feeling better.
LoVe those kiwi girls.
Have a great weekend girlie!

Katie said...

well ... did you eat some really good wedding cake?
the pics are beautiful, sigh, I love weddings!

Bethany said...

Love the pic of me and Rylee. I need a copy of that one. Hopefully, the photographer got some good ones too! Keep your fingers crossed for a baby sometime in 08 or maybe 08 :) Love you!

Bethany said...

Oops.. meant to say 08 or 09. Matt walked in and distracted me!

Emilie Ahern said...

What a great fireworks photo. The red flare really captures the excitement of fireworks on the 4th!