Friday, July 13, 2007

What a week!

First of all, Deborah, you are going to win our little challenge. I didn't get to walk but once in two weeks for all the following reasons...

We were going to take the girls to Six Flags on Friday but Pooh still wasn't feeling really great.

Saturday and Sunday we went looking for J a truck. I looked on Yahoo! Autos first thing Monday morning and found one to look at. He liked it so off we went. After an hour and a half drive there, we came home with the truck. It is used but had low miles and was in the price range we needed to stick to.

On Monday my father-in-law had a cardiology appt. Well, things didn't look so great. He had to go back on Tues. for a test. J and I decided to take the girls to the McWane Center while they ran the test. That way we wouldn't be but a few minutes away if something needed to be done. Well, he had to have a stint put in right away, but we didn't go to the hospital until later. It would've upset Pooh to see her Poppa in so much pain. When we got to the hospital, they had given him some Morphine so he could rest. Pooh was ready for him to wake up. I asked her why? She said, "So him can give me hugs."

Since he had to spend the night in the hospital, we didn't want to be too far away so we stayed at a hotel right down the street. It was raining so the girls didn't get to go swimming at the hotel which was kinda a bummer. Plus J was so tired from staying up all night worrying about his dad. So we all just went to bed.

When we got up early the next morning, Pop was on his way out the hospital door. He was doing well. So we went on over to the McWane Center to watch Harry Potter in IMAX. It was so cool. A lot left out, but with that huge a story with so many details, a lot had to be left out or it would've been about 5-6hrs. long. Honestly, I'm ready to go see it again on the regular movie screen.

After the movie we played a little at the Center. We then went to Best Buy to exchange the RAM J bought for my computer and to eat at Guthrie's. YUM! Such great chicken fingers. (I really wanted to take the girls to the one in Auburn for their first Guthrie's experience. Oh well...)

We then went home just to get J ready to go back. He is up for a promotion and had to get several awards that he has earned put in his record that weren't showing up. Hopefully he will get it this year. The last two there has been someone on the selection board that absolutely loathes him. J's not alone though. This person has screwed up many a Marine's careers just cause they wouldn't kiss his butt.

Yesterday, the girls and I went to the library. Got just a few books because we will go back tomorrow. After the library we went to swim with some friends. Pooh scared me a few times. She has no fear at ALL! She kept jumping off the diving board. Lost one of her floaties one time. Then another time she had taken them off, used a ring, and jumped in. When she hit the water, she decided to come out of the ring. Well, she didn't realize it was so far from the side of the pool and freaked a little. And yes, I'm sure she will be doing it again. That is why I am going to be looking into the inside pool lessons. That way it is an ongoing, all year thing. Not just summers.

Then today was a rough start because allergies and weather was kicking my asthma in high gear. I was out of breath just getting into my walking attire so I knew it was a no go. We just watched tv, read books, ate some pizza and ice cream. I even got to scrap some. YAY! Now I am headed off to bed after I take some allergy meds. Ya'll have a great weekend.

If you will please say a prayer for my father-in-law. We should would appreciate it. Love you all!


staceyfike said...

hi mary!! i'll keep fil im my thoughts.

Amy said...

oh yes. she is a little dare devil. but one of my favorite dare devils.:)

sally hanna said...

holy smokes your life has been wild this week!
I'm keeping your fil & fam in my prayers.
enjoy your time with J.
show us some of those scrappies!

Deborah said...

Hey, any weight we lose makes us both winners! :) Seriously, though, I have to thank you for providing the final nudge to get me serious about losing some weight. I've talked about it for too many years to count, but never gotten serious and your challenge just provided that final little push. So thanks!

As for your week, it sounds like you were active a good bit anyway, even though you didn't get out to walk and being active is good too.

This week has been crazy for me so I haven't had an opportunity to check in until today. I hope that your FIL is doing better. He's in my prayers too.