Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Where do I begin?

Yeah, I've been MIA from the blogworld. See, I only thought things would slow down once the girls were back in school. Was I ever wrong!!! August seems to be flying by just as quickly as July did. So briefly here is what's been going on...

As for the car, after a week I finally got it back. They put me in a rental that I loathed. The brakes on my car are still not right, so I have to take it back in. When I do they have replace my passenger side door speaker; driver's side has already been replaced. They have to fix the cushioning in the dash because it is coming out. They also have to look at why it is pulling/bogging down when in 3rd and 4th gears. AND to top it off I got pulled over Fri. because my windows were too dark. I had to have it removed this morning. I can't afford to have them retinted right now so... Luckily they came from the factory with a minor tint or I think I would burn just driving around town. ;)

I'm trying to get the girls on some type of routine. Don't really know how it's gonna work come timeto start Children's Choir at church. See right now, we come home from school, do homework, eat, play a little/swim, shower by 6:30 and in bed by 7pm. They can watch tv until 8pm but then it's lights out. They seem to do very well with this. It isn't that difficult to get them up at 5:30am(I have to be ready in case I get called into sub.) anymore. Plus, getting up that early makes it easier on Pooh's teachers because she's ready to take a nap when naptime comes.

I also have been looking for a job. I had one interview, but obviously didn't get the job. I think the principal already knew who she was going to hire. She just had to go thru the procedures. There is another job that would be extremely easy for me to move right into- a med lab asst. job- but the hours are conducive to the girls' schedules. So, here I sit jobless. Boohoohoo.

Today is the first day I have felt decent in the past two weeks. I think my girls gave me two different colds back to back. Also it is what I get for bragging to Sally. When I last spoke with her, I just looked like something out of a horror movie. Well, I should've kept my darn mouth shut cause two days later I felt like something out of a horror movie. Anyway things are looking much better now. yeah!!!

AND have you heard? The registration opened for the 2008 Scrap Etc. Event. It's gonna be in Nashville, TN. So exciting!!! Lots of great teachers and sponsors. It's not til April but if the next few months fly like the last two have it'll be hear in the blink of an eye.

Hope ya'll have a super fantastic day. Love you all.

OH! If there is anyone else out there that wants to see what stamps I have for sale please let me know asap. I will soon be putting what's left on ebay.

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