Friday, October 26, 2007

On my soap box, but...

my Pooh has been sick so I must cut it short. When she is feeling better, she drives me absolutely nuts to the point that we both bounce off the walls. Only problem is I bounce harder then hit the floor harder. lol. I'm so hoping she is on the mend-and quick! I could've subbed 4days this week had she not been sick. Uggggh!

Today my plan is to put her and her coloring books on my bed and turn on PBS Kids. She can lay there and watch tv or color while I am scrappin'. Hehehhehehe. There are two IT challenges over at Scrap Etc. that I need to get done today then I'll try to get some other challenges done. Just had 200 pics printed and have only gotten a few scrapped so, I best get busy.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Not much fun gonna be had around here since all weekend plans have been cancelled. Oh well, life happens. At least we have the bad times in order to fully appreciate the good ones, huh?

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Disney Scrapper said...

Ok, we are mid way through November . Where are you? I hope you and the girls are doing ok.