Monday, April 7, 2008

Got a job offer!!!!

The local hospital just called and offered me the job I interviewed for the other day. It is 94cents less than what I asked for but I think I can deal with that. I would've really liked about 44cents more. Lets face it, I'm worth it. Two or three dollars less and it wouldn't have been worth my time. It is only prn, as needed, so I think it will work out with the girls. I told the lab director that if I could find child care when she needed me then I can work or if I got enough hours to justify putting them into permanent daycare then I would.

I pretty much felt the job was mine. I worked there a long time ago before I met my husband. A lot of the lab techs had been telling me to go back out there and give a resume or put in an application. I'm sure many of them had something to do with me getting the job. Plus, the asst. director is an old roommate-just friends. He seemed very happy to see me, so...

So, now I have two prn jobs. I'm hopefully going to get into a nursing program in the Fall or Spring. It looks like things are looking up for me.


Lisa said...

Congrats Mary!!! I'm so excited for you!

Disney Scrapper said...

Congratulations Mary. I never had any doubt that things wouldn't turn around. Knowone deserves it more.