Tuesday, April 1, 2008


is what I have been having(well, almost) for the past couple of hours.

My cousin decided to cancel go to see her mother this afternoon due to the storms that are suppose to roll in this afternoon. I am gonna sub for her Thurs. afternoon instead.

Was gonna take the prep test but the test administer will not be back in until next Monday.

So I decided that I need to use this extra time to make myself a checklist for schools and scholarship applications. So should have mentally prepared myself for it because when I was writing down the deadlines, I realized today is April 1. AAAAAAArrrrrrrHHHHHH!!!!!! I have less than 2mos. to get everything completed and submitted to the nursing schools. I have a little bit longer, but not much, to submit for scholarships/financial aid. I broke down in tears. I am truly going to try my best to make my dream come true.

Last night I was watching "Big Idea." The inventor of "Spanx" was on there. She said, "what have you got to lose?" I thought to myself, " you know, you are so right." What do I really have to lose? Absolutely nothing. I have so much to gain from all the effort I have put in so far and will put in once I am accepted and enroll in a nursing program. (Notice, I didn't say "if" I get accepted.)

Also, I didn't take my resume by but received an email this morning asking for an interview. I told them tomorrow would be great. So can you see why I am kinda panicing here?lol. Everything is going to happen right. I just have this overwhelming feeling. It feels like something else truly spectacular is about to happen with me.

AND I just got called in to sub for another teacher this afternoon. So I best go get ready.

Ya'll have a super great day.


Lisa said...

ok - i just had to comment back to you and explain the whole 'you had me from hello' thing. i always loved that movie (jerry mcquire) - when she says 'you had me at hello' i just melt. and i'm not a big tom cruise fan and i DID love her (notice i cannot even type her name). kenny was inspired by that to write his song. ok, that's alright. then he goes and marries her??? WHAT IN THE WORLD??? He's supposed to marry me, or at least Pooh, right? So then when it didn't work out - all because of HER i'm most certain - the song was removed from my liking!! :)

there you have it - why i can't listen to that song. the ONLY one i turn off when it comes on the radio!! sorry kenny!!

Disney Scrapper said...

Way to go Mary.