Friday, February 27, 2009

Do you...

ever stumble on a blog and just stay on it for the longest time because of the music? Ok. Maybe I'm the only one. But during my morning time it really puts me in a great mood. I need to make a list of all the songs I have found that I like, buy them from iTunes, upload on my little ole Shuffle and play every morning. Here is one site I stayed on to here the music this morning. HEY!

I think I am gonna create a music journal of the songs!!!! Most of you know I don't do minis but that is the perfect thing for this. I'll just decorate the front cover and back with a few added touched and voila! Of course, you know I will have to have Janis Joplin all up in there along with some Hendrix, Doors, Fleetwood, etc. (My husband says to be such a good girl I listen to some druggy music. lol. It just relaxes me and makes me happy without the drugs.;))

Enjoy the music. I will try to add to this list soon. That'll be as much for me as you. hehehe.

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