Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sick bug...

has hit my house. My oldest came home with a cold last week. She then gave it to me who gave it to Pooh. Well, I was sick most of the week but poor Pooh doesn't feel so good.

Now this bug has ruined my plans. That really ticks me off!!!! I planned on meeting my sweet friend, Stacey, down at the SiStv warehouse sale. About to cry cause I will not get the Hambly Raffle goodness in my hands today, if ever. My heart is just broken. I'm sorry I can't bring you yummy coffee, Stacey.:(

I'd also planned on looking around Nashville in scrapbooking stores. I was on the hunt for certain pieces. That just flew out the window. Dang it!!!!!!!!!

I'm still hopeful that I will be able to run into JoAnn's to pick up a die or two for my Sizzix. Yes, some people still use those. Not everyone is as fortunate to have a Cricut or Silhouette. Plus, have you seen the new Hello Kitty dies for the Sizzix? So cute!

Guess, I am gonna go sweep and mop my floor then scrap a bit, get ready to go to pick up my baby from the airport. Woohoo! That will be the best part of my day.:D

Crop Addict is having a weekend crop here. There are lots of prizes to be given away. I'm hoping to get to participate in some challenges this evening as the snow falls here and then tomorrow.

Even though I can't smell it, I am enjoying the glow of my candles.Hope everyone has a good Saturday.

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Amy said...

oh i hope everyone gets to feeling better soon.