Sunday, February 15, 2009

Want some motivation...

Spiritual motivation that is? Well go here. He is real! I was blown away by the sermon I went to that he was giving at Grace Community Church. It is a non-denominational church. This (The Morning After) is the sermon that I attended. Last week I missed because we went home. This week I am missing because my asthma is kicking my tail. (Note to self:I absolutely MUST start walking my 2hrs a day again to get this stuff in check again.) They haven't put last week's podcast up yet. I can't wait to hear it or this week's.

But if you are in this area, try this church out. I was absolutely blown away by it. My girls love it. I dread telling my babies that I can't make it today. There were other errands that needed to be ran but I think they will just have to wait until tomorrow; I suppose.

I feel like God is telling me we need some one on one time today. Maybe? Well, I'm going to dust off the daily devotional book that Aunt Pam gave me over a year ago(Just couldn't do it then because you know... the separation leading to a divorce which by the grace of God never happened), grab my Bible and cup of coffee, and go spend that time with Him.

Then maybe do a little lesson with the girls when I have the energy and breath. lol.

Hope everyone(all three of you) that reads this has a very blessed and miracle filled day.

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waterlilie said...

very cool sermon..I'm so glad you found a church you like!