Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Online Crop is going to be held over at Scrap Supply on March 7th. Not sure of the time yet but there is already a jumpstart on a challenge posted since it might take more than one day to complete it.

Today, I went browsing thru the warehouse prioritizing my wish list. Ummmm, needless to say there were several things that were added to said list. It is awesome though. I put in my order yesterday morning, thinking I'd get to pick it up maybe Thurs. or Friday since Wendy has sick children. NOPE! It was ready by the afternoon. Granted it was a small order but still! I will have a somewhat larger order going in probably Friday or Sat. Stuff I want like right away, especially the stuff she has only one left. So if the website says there is only one left, you better get it before I do, cause those are the things I'm getting first and foremost. hehehehe.

Happy day to all of you!

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