Friday, March 13, 2009

No School today...

Why? Because it snowed last night after a bit of freezing rain. A lot of it has already melted, and it is time that I would've been leaving to take the girls to school. They could've gone today! I was hoping to spend the day with them anyway, so it just worked out better for me. hehehhe.

So for today our plans will be to clean the house. It desparately needs it. I was sick for two weeks so it has piled up. My pile of laundry to be ironed alone is gonna take me a few hours. Ugh!!!! Anyone want to come do that for me.;)

The girls will be busy in their room cleaning. I pulled everything out from their toy closet. Oh my!!!! I covered their whole floor with the stuff. My statement to them when they had such pitiful looks on their sweet little faces? "If you would put it back where it belongs after you are finished with it, you wouldn't have such a large mess. Therefore, you would have more play time, tv time, or whatever-you-want-to-do time." All the while knowing my scrap space is a huge disaster. BUT I am not complaining about cleaning that up. I made the mess but am looking forward to making it pretty again.

Company is coming today. In 9hrs. Lindsey should be arriving at our front door. She is excited. We are excited. Hopefully it will be enough to motivate the girls. We will see...

Here is what greeted me when I looked out the front door after J started his truck to go to work.

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Disney Scrapper said...

So how about I didn't know you were updating your blog. Hey where have you been, I seem to miss you on Facebook.