Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Red,red wine...

Alright, so my sometimes(j/k) sweet friend, Grethen(only I get the fortunate priveldge to call her "Hoffman" or "Hoffy"...Ehehehehehehehehehe!), recommended a wine on her blog the other day. Well, I can't seem to find it anywhere up here. So today at the store I found this wine. It has a raspberry and citrus flavor mix. Plus, get a load of the price tag...I'll let you know later if I pay for the price or not. So far, it is really yummy. Thing is, should I be worried that my almost 9yr. thought it smelled really good and that my 6yr. old ask if she could have a drink of my "wine juice"?

You know what else? I'm really digging the label. I love that truck. When I thought I could actually make it thru medical school to become an MD, I had envisioned myself driving a truck like that, only in blue or a green color with rust. For some crazy reason, I had the idea that some men would see as a possible sugar momma should I drive the candy apple red sportscar my heart still desires to this day. Crazy, huh?

Anyway, Back to the is inspiring a layout. Look at the colors. Look at the simple design. LOVE IT!!!


Gretchen said...

so is it any good?? i need something with a smaller price tag!

mary h. said...

Oh YEAH!!!! It definitely is. Went back to get two more bottles the next day. That way whenever I feel like I want some, it is right there.