Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Moving on...

My home scrapbook store, Scrap Etc., is closing its doors. With so many big craft chain stores surrounding it, I can certainly understand how Lucy feels; like being surrounded by sharks. She seems fine with this decision as she is not stepping totally away. Lucy and her team will continue to put out the Scripts Kit. Plus, the events will continue. This has pleased many people.

So to this I say goodbye old friend...

and hello to my new one, ScrapSupply. I really do love this store. It is an online store right here in my new town. Thanks to Stacey Fike who had asked me if I'd already checked it out. Well, that night I went online to check it out and haven't turned back since.

Let me tell you about Wendy. Wonderful! Her nature alone is giving and caring, so you can imagine how she treats her customers. Fantastic! She has lots of stuff that you can't get elsewhere. Love this little store. Check it out. By the way, there is an anniversary contest going on right now. I will put up a post of it all on it's own. It deserves it.

OH! ScrapSupply also has a forum for us all to chat and a gallery with a section just for kids! How great is that?

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