Friday, May 8, 2009

Sunshine's creations for NSD...

It was her day to scrap with Momma. Unfortunately, it didn't start off so well and she decided to go with Daddy and Pooh to Chuck E Cheese for a bit. See, she wanted to do some challenges too, but wouldn't listen to me when I was trying to explain them to her. Then when I was trying to explain to her how to use certain tools and such, well lets just say neither of us were having too much fun.

When she came back, we both had cooled down and got to play nice. After a pep talk from my friend, Wendy (owner of Scrap Supply), on the phone I just let it go. So these are the creations Sunshine made.

For Memorable Seasons' Eyes Closed (She learned to use Stickles on this.) and No Cardstock Challenges(She learned how to do hidden journaling.): For Scrap Supply's Ad Challenge: So when the day was through, we were both happy and exhausted. We will do this again, but next time will flow much smoother, I'm sure.

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Virginia said...

Hot dog! Tell her that she rocked the layouts !