Monday, January 8, 2007


I'm no where near where I thought I'd be but so far from where I started. Yes, the dreams I had for my life changed somewhere along the way. My dream of being a doctor(ER phys. or brain surgeon) changed to a Nurse Anethetist then to a Registered Nurse. Well, then I met my dear husband. Love has a funny way of changing everything. He was destined to be a Marine. I was destined to be his wife. I am still waiting to fulfill my dream of being a nurse. One day, someday...

Although, love changed my dreams, I can't say they went down the tube. The path to fulfillment just got altered a bit. I have no real regrets because of my two beautiful girls. They fulfill me by ways of smiles and laughs. Now their dreams are mine. I will do my best to help them realize and accomplish all that they try to become. I will not push my personal dreams upon them. They are their own people with their own minds, therefore their own dreams.

I may not be where I had planned, but I am where I should be.


waterlilie said...

Mary, I love that last line you wrote.."I may not be where I planned, but I am where I should be." That should be on a bumper sticker! You are a strong Christian woman who has allowed God to lead you where He wants you to be. Someday I know you will fulfill your dream of being a nurse. Until then, always know that on this path you have touched and blessed so many lives. Mine being one of them. And I am thankful every day for that!

Nan said...

Oh Mary! That's so sweet! Here I am feeling low and dwelling on "where will I be"!! :(