Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sick Kids

Sick children can throw you completely off course. I had a ton of things to do this week, but then my oldest got sick. Not for a day or two. I'm talking 5 full days. Four of which were filled with spiking temps and tummy aches. Then the last 2 of the 5 days she had a runny nose and cough. The doctor ran a CBC, just a virus.

Isn't it funny how quickly children bounce back from illness? By noon on the 5th day she was a totally different person! I even caught her aggravating her little sister. That in itself was a huge sign. Then I caught her running and playing. As long as she has her med in her, she is good to go. Yeah!!!!

So, I will have to play a ton of "catch up" this next week. Suppose to start subbing this week but maybe it won't start til the next.;)

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