Thursday, June 28, 2007

Did you realize...

that it's hard to walk while dancing? Seriously, it's true!

My darling(sometimes) husband plugged in his old Dell MP3 player before he left again. Don't know why, but he did. Anyway, I saw that it was fully charged up and decided to see what songs he had on there while I was walking. I figured it'd be smothered in Gangsta rap. Yeah, it was on there but so was Kenny Chesney, Wade Hayes, Brad Paisly, George Strait, etc. BUT what really got me movin' was the hidden treasures of Will Smith, Beyonce, Jodeci, and Eminem(the cleaner stuff). With all that I couldn't walk just the usual 20min. Get this- I walked for about 52min! I counted up that it takes me an average of 1min. to make 200steps. So if I have it right, I made approximately 12,000 steps already today! So exciting for me!!!!!

Also, I got a little suprise yesterday. My little Pooh is going in the water face first off the ladder in the pool! My father in law said she's been doing it. Well, she never did it with me around! And dang does she get across the pool quickly! She doesn't really use her arms but she's got some awefully powerful little legs. Just using her legs she can get across almost as fast as Sunshine. I now call her my Tiny Torpedo. It's funny though because she doesn't take off her swimmies yet so her little butt sticks up in the air. I will try to get some pics of that today. So hilarious!

Well, I guess it is time to go feed the natives since they are getting a little restless then must hit the shower. Hope you all have a super fantastic, fabulous day!!!!


Amy said...

good for you! music does make the time pass by much faster. :)

susan opel said...

Hey, Mary Hutch - stopping by to say hi to one of my favorite SISters on SIStv! It would be REALLY fun to strap on someone else's MP3 and see what they like. A friend of mine (male - mid 40's - computer illiterate) had me help him with his iPod after he got one for Christmas. All of MY songs ended up on his iPod. Hope he likes Barry Manilow! And Eminem! And Vanilla Ice!

Good for you on the 12,000 steps!

Deborah P said...

Just caught a little Denise Austen on tv this morning while doing my stepper and she was "selling" her pedometer while exercising. Said that your goal should be 10,000 steps a day, which would be equivalent to 5 miles. So you walked a LOT!