Monday, June 4, 2007

If I were President...

Wow at the stuff I would want to do. First would be to tell the Senate and Congress that either we can work amicably for the good of the people or they can go suck an egg. I'm sick and tired of all the corruption on Capital Hill!

As you probably guessed I watched the Democratic Presidential debate. I don't agree whole heartedly with any one of them, but like Sen. Biden the best of them all. Of course he is for the troops. He understands that if they cut off funding for the war, then it is the troops who suffer- not the President! I do agree it is time for the troops to come home.

Here are my thoughts on the war:

The mission to begin with was to remove Saddam Hussein because he was not letting the inspectors into all the facilities. Sen. Clinton is wrong on this issue. How long were we and the rest of the world suppose to wait on Hussein to grant the inspectors permission into certain areas. I still think there are things that he had or had ongoing that just haven't been discovered or revealed to the people yet. The President had to act upon the intelligence he was given. Later only to discover it was incorrect reports.

To enable the inspectors to finish out their task was the goal while taking Saddam from power along with all of his commands. It was when the insurgents started warring against us and the Shiite and Sunnis starting warring against us that things went array.

Now it has been too long. It would take years upon years for the Shiite and Sunnis to tolerate one another. Just look how long it has taken Americans. Racism is still alive and well here. How can we fix someone else's problems if we can't fix our own?

Also, I think we should tell the Iraqi government and the U.S. Sen./Congress that the time is come. Either you let us do what needs to be done to control the situation or we leave and you can handle the mess. Just like a battalion(I can't remember exactly who it was-sorry.) was building a wall to try to stop all the fighting between certain groups. Well, they received orders, so it is said, to stop building the wall and remove it. Hello! That wall would have helped for at least a short time. When someone angers you, you don't want to see them everyday do you? I don't and sometimes a wall would help until I was calmed down about it. Muslims, as I understand, are calm people. Things have just gone nuts over there. Too much anger.

I do feel that our real war is against Al-Qaida. They have also trickled on into Iraq which just adds fuel to the fire. It's like the little devil on your shoulder/in your ear telling you to hurt them because they are doing this or that. We need to get our people down to tracking them down.

And yes! If you are suspicious of being a terrorist, then you should be sent to G'Bay. Sorry, but we just can't take chances anymore. We are a country at war.

A lot of this Al-Qaida mess could have been taken care of had Clinton given correct orders at the right time. I stand by my opinions of him from long ago, he is not to be trusted in any form or fashion. He is a coward and would sell his own child if the price was right. Just look at what he has done with the treaty with China. The China treaty mess up will be my next post then more.

I am tired from Vacation Bible School. Love you all. Have a great night.(Remember, when you comment, these are my opinions based on my feelings and gathering of information.)


Deborah P said...

Amen about the "suck an egg" comment. I'm also sick and tired of how they are acting.
About Iraq, my main beef isn't why we got into it; it's how we got into it. It does not appear to me that there was any sort of planning for what should happen after we went in and routed Saddam. Remember the chaos just after our "victory?" It was as if, 'oh yeah, what do we do now????' I don't know the answer, but I do believe that before any President commits any troops, there should be several plans on what to do if this happens or that happens or the other happens. No one can plan exactly, but we've been in enough of these things to begin to predict what is likely to happen or not happen and to plan for that. If there had been any sort of planning, I think our troop involvement would be much smaller now. That's the really sad and troubling and maddening thing about all of this - how many died/terrifically wounded because of the lack of planning? And that's another thing - apparently the Pentagon/Defense Department has admitted that they didn't expect so many wounded and there aren't enough resources to take care of them. That is just terrible.
These are the sorts of things that I lay squarely at Bush/Cheney's doorsteps. As infantile as Congress can be, I do believe that Bush is more culpable in this. I don't really care why we got into it; I think that Saddam needed to be stopped - it's just how and what's happened since, policywise, that I really object to.

Amy said...

"suck an egg". I am laughing so hard right now. :)