Thursday, June 7, 2007

One Little Word "STOP"

Now this is my One Little Word layout attempt. I love this one because of the content matter. It made me laugh on something that really gets me agitated.LOL. The one little word we were to use was "Stop." My mother-in-law, who I live with right now, thought it was really funny too. Again, on this one, when I'd get stuck I'd hear Sally in my ear, "just throw something down!" Well, I did and this is the results. I'm very happy to get it done to since it will go in the ongoing book about me that my daughters will have to remember me by.

*Again, those of you waiting my ramblings on the Presidential debates, I will get back with you on Sat. morning. My modem is down right now. Thanks to my friend Amy, I am able to post these layouts. (Thanks again, Amy! What would I ever do without you?;))


Lynn said...

gorgeous layout!

one little word

Deborah P said...

HOW funny!! Priceless pictures to go along with the journaling! This is the kind of thing that your girls will look back on and shake their heads and laugh about because it is so true. Two of my nieces made a book last year for my sister-in-law about the things she taught them and this layout made me think of the stories they told one weekend when we scrapped together and they were working on it. One day your daughters will be telling similar stories and loving you even more for reminding them of those memories with layouts like this.

Amy said...

this one cracks me up! (And btw, you're very welcome. you know you're welcome anytime.) :)

sally hanna said...

oh yeah
you threw it down

Jody said...

Love your layout. I should take Sally's advice too! Look at you, scrapping and feeling better, I hope. And I will be back to see what you have to say about your political views. =)