Thursday, June 21, 2007


First let me tell you about yesterday. I got up kinda early but didn't get out to walk until around 9am. I walked for 20min. There was such a nice breeze blowing. Then I did a little step aerobics on our side steps of our front porch. Here is the proof.
Then of course I dug in the flower bed a little more clearing out those dang daylillies! Rrrrrr! Then went inside because it was getting a little too hot for me.

In the evening when I went down to the end of the road at the drive to get the trash cans, I saw a different kind of lily than those we already have. Then my mother-in-law went across the road to look at her deceased uncle's lillies. One kind was absolutely beautiful. It is a double bloom orange lily. Well, coming back across we stopped to look at my clematis. It has 4(That's right! FOUR!) blooms on it. So exciting for me.

Well, this morning I woke up early so I could get the grass cut before it got too hot, and the girls got up. I went ahead and went across the road while my mother in law was here and after calling our aunt, to dig up some of those lillies. She told me to get all I wanted. I got the ones closest to the road because it has all grown up so bad since he passed away. I am going to go buy a weedeater that doesn't weigh a ton, like my father in law's, so I can clear some of that out. And clear around my flowerbeds so noone will chop down flowers. Anyway, once I finish with the flowerbeds that I've started, I think I am going to go try to clean Uncle Bertis' up some. It is just sad how it looks now. He worked so hard and so much for so long and his yard and it showed. As a matter of fact, he passed away amongst his flowers with a hoe in his hand.

Anyway, after I played in the yard a good long time. I got on the mower. Well after getting half of the backyard cut, the mower went kaput. At least I got around the pool done. Oh! That's right, I didn't tell ya'll we now have an above ground pool. More on that later. Anyway, I got really hot digging in the flower bed again and decided it was time for a swim. I told the girls, one immersed in tv while the other was focused intently on her Nintendo DS, to turn off the tv and put down the game-we were going swimming. Sunshine didn't even bother saving her game!lol. We threw on some sunscreen, let it dry a bit, and jumped in.

Over and hour splishing and splashing in the pool, we went back to digging in the beloved flowerbed. Finally, I got this tree dug up that had made its roots well established in there by a rose bush. Yes, I will admit that I was having a few choice words with that carnfound tree. But it is gone. All the lillies that I could get out, I did. Some will go to Sunshine teacher, some more will go down by the end of the drive tomorrow/this evening if I have the energy.

Right now I'm ready to go scrap, but am really sleepy. Hmmmm, I think I'll scrap and just go to bed early tonight.

By the way, I have found a way to get my girls into the bed during the summer at a decent time-threaten them with hard manual yard labor. They go flying into bed. lol.


Amy said...

the hard manual labor thing is a thought :) can't wait to see all your flowers.

staceyfike said...

my goodness you had a busy day!! come do my yard next and i'll bring ya all the cold ones you can drink :)

Paulette said...

Yea, girl--you are quite a woman! Yard work for me is walking the trashcan down the driveway and picking up my dog's toys on the way back! You are the stuff1

Paulette said...

Oops--you are the stuff--exclamation point! I have a lazy typing pinkie...