Tuesday, June 19, 2007


to Terabithia is sooooo very sad. I am going to watch it to see if I can see any really happy stuff about it at the end. I bawled my eyes out. Unfortunately, I saw Melita's post a little too late. Pooh didn't understand where the girl went. I couldn't tell her she went to Heaven because the little girl hadn't accepted Jesus. That part of the movie bothered me A LOT! Why did Jesse not tell her about Him when given the opportunity? Afraid of judgement? Didn't beleive it all himself? Aren't we all put in those type of tests at sometime in our lives? But I think her not really knowing is what made me so heartbroken. But after it ended and Pooh realized Leslie was not coming back, it was aweful! She was crying so hard it was so sad. We will not be buying that movie unless on the rewatch without interruptions I can trully find the good in it.

I wasn't going to do any challenges, but I just finished a layout that will work. I will soon get it up for all of you to see.

Also, I see some who stop by but never leave comments. Someone even stayed for 3hrs! Have I really rambled on that much? Well, I guess I have. LOL.

Hope you all have a great night.


staceyfike said...

so, should i rent it or not?? watch it again and tell me what your verdict is! lol

Amy said...

so don't think i'll be renting it.
wow! 3 hours? :)

Amy said...

so don't think i'll be renting it.
wow! 3 hours? :)

sally hanna said...

nice banner!
i think only T saw that movie and i'm not really gung-ho on watching it!
keep on walking and swimming!!
lub ya

Deborah P said...

The 3 hour person may have been me. I read blogs during breaks at work so if I get interrupted, they sometimes stay open until I can get back to them, which may be a long time.

Congrats on getting so much done outside. Are the lilies you are taking out the orange kind that you see a lot by the roadside? They multiple overnight, it seems. My mother has a lot of the other kind and I've got some of those too, but the orange have taken over in some areas. I haven't had any luck on getting rid of them totally, probably because I don't persist until I get every little root. Do you have any advice other than just dig?