Saturday, July 28, 2007

Lots of stuff...

Did you realize that it takes 4 days to change the oil in your car to the dealership if you take it in on a Friday? NO? Really? Well, it does if you are me. See, my car was down to 20% on the oil gauge. When it gets to 15%, the oil must be changed soon. Since I knew I would have no time to get it done next week, I decided to call and see if they could get me in yesterday. I needed to have the brakes looked at anyway so off to Auburn we went. Well after sitting there for almost 4hrs. they inform me that I have an oil leak plus they have to turn the routers and put on new pads. They were going to put me in a rental. Thank goodness all of this was covered under warranty and they are paying for the rental.

We get the rental. They were going to put us in this little bitty car but the manager decided to put us in a Passat instead because of the girls. Thank goodness he did because Sunshine's legs were scooched up. So after getting the rental off we go to get something to eat. The girls had only brought some snacks with them and had eaten them all. Pooh and I get Chick-Fil-A while Sunshine gets a pizza from inside Target. We eat then head to look at some pants for me to sub in. Most of mine are worn out or faded. No luck there. So we head into Hobby Lobby to pick up something for a friend. Get it. We had something to take back to Best Buy but I was tired, the girls were fussing so I just said we'd go back on Monday when we pick up the car.

I've been itching to scrap but I have lots of other stuff to try to get done. I plan on cleaning out my room next week while the girls are gone to the beach. I'm cleaning out my closet too! For me a room really isn't clean unless the closet and all cabinets/drawers are organized. Also, I am not going to keep a ton of clothes that I don't wear or haven't worn for a while. What's the point, they are just taking up space, right? Time to purge.

Speaking of purging, Deborah, I will get the list of stamps I'm going to sell to you asap. It will probably be next week though because that's when I will go thru the big box. Amy did get the ebay thing figured out. So I will give the list to those interested then post what's left on SplitcoastStampers then ebay. I choose ebay last because sometimes the bidding gets ridiculous. While I'd love to get more money for the sets, I'd feel extremely guilty for taking more money than what the stamps are worth, so... that is my game plan.

Did I say that I'm ready for the girls to go to the beach? I'm getting as excited as they are. Everytime I walk into my room I want to cry. Can't wait to tackle that job. And what a job it will be. If it works out I may be asking family for some more time to take them. LOL! Especially a certain aunt whose house they've been begging me to go to for months. Hint, hint if you are reading this. hehehehehehe. I need to make a list of all the things I want to get accomplished without the interuptions.

Stacey, I can't find the recipe that I had wanted to send so I will just send one right off the top of my head. The other one was for my sweet potatoe soufle. I tweaked it a bit from the regular ole sweet pot caserole and can't remember how much of everything to use. So I'll send something else instead.;)

Well, we have our Sunday School party today. Hopefully it won't rain and the kids can swim. No matter it will be lots of fun.

Hope you all have a great weekend.


staceyfike said...

you've been busy busy busy!!!

Amy said...

aforementioned friend you went to HL for says "THANK YOU!" :):):)
and you shouldn't feel guilty if the sets sell high on e-bay. it could pay for the SE Event. :):)

Deborah said...

Amen to what Amy said. The fair market value of something is what a willing buyer will pay and a willing seller will accept. Especially if they are retired stamps you are doing someone a favor by giving them the opportunity to purchase something they couldn't get ordinarily and people expect to pay for that (including me!). So don't feel guilty about that at all.

4 days for an oil change? Good thing it's under warranty! I do understand about having other things to take care of, but still....

Hope you are getting it without problems today and good luck on getting a LOT accomplished while the girls are away.