Saturday, October 20, 2007

Dina Wakely Scrapjack...

Well, this is it. My intention was to just throw it down. For the most part I did. The exception is the little dotted swirls to the left of the flower. Those folks, are the inside part of sequins. Yep, that's right the little bitty insides of sequins that were in the bottom of a bag. They were the exact colors that I was looking for and since I didn't have any bling those colors I had to use them. I liked how it turned out, but good grief did it take some time seperating and gluing them all on.

Also, I had started with plain paint at circles with glitter glaze over them on white cardstock. Didn't like it. Just didn't suit Pooh's personality, so ... I watered the paint and covered the entire thing. Took about 2min.

The circles are three different stamps. I really do love how they turned out. I also like how none of the three are the same because I tilted the outside stamp on each one. This was really fun, but the best part I have to say is when I showed Pooh, she said, "Momma! That is beautiful." How wonderful is that. Who cares that it took me almost two hours to complete the darn thing. She loves it so it was well worth my time.

So, for some reason I cannot post a pic of the layout on here. Hmmm...anyway, you can go here to take a peek: .

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