Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gearing up and chores

Hi all! It's been kinda busy lately. I had caught a cold then my asthma has been flaring up pretty badly, but it's alright. I guess I'm just gonna have to deal with the fact that Symbicort is just gonna have to be added back into my daily regiment. Uggh!~another drug!

Anyway, for part of Sunshine's birthday present, she and I will be spending all of National Scrapbook Day together scrapping our hearts out while Pooh and J go do their thing(maybe the zoo). Well, today I decided to go to Hobby Lobby for a punch that was 1/2 off. The trip should've only cost me about $5. Nope. Of course it didn't. I managed to make it out of there only after leaving $53 behind. What did I have in my expensive bags you may ask? ALL of this:
I honestly think I am more excited than she is about this.

As for chores, I came up with this little number.(Sorry pics are a bit blurred, but you get the idea.) The idea came from my friend Wendy, owner of Scrap Supply. So far so good. I started their week off with the chores. Whomever does the best job this week will get to chose their chores next week. Above the butterflies are the daily chores. It even has an abbreviation code for getting ready for school in the mornings. So far this has helped. When I check the chores, if I am satisfied then they will get a green check by said chore. If not they get a button which indicates that the chore needs to be done immediately.(I made them big so I wouldn't have to say anything to them; they can see it for themselves.) When they have done the buttoned chore, tell me. I check and change to green check mark if I'm satisfied.

There are also punishment chores. If I or J have to get onto them about a chore not being done, then one of these gets added to there day off. Wendy said this is working really well for her. Also, if they have three"Bad Buttons" left at the end of the week, then they will get 1/2 or no allowance plus another punishment chore. Hopefully this is going to work. Crossing our fingers.

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Georgina, said...

brilliant idea and pretty butterflies