Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Scrap Etc. 2009 Event....

Wanna get away to have a scrappy weekend April 30-May 2nd in Atlanta for FREE? Well, here is your chance to win one of those precious spots.

Go to the Scrap Etc. blog <---click on the words---read the post for today, April 1. Be sure to do all of this. I would love to go just to take my wonderful friend, Gretchen's class. (I promise to try to behave if I do win.) Of course, meeting Margie Romney-Aslett would be so freakin' cool! She is funny I tell ya.

If you read this and want me to put your name in the pot, the first one to do so, I will post for you, as the friend, to go too.;)

Want a little more info about this spectacular event? Go here.


Melinda AKA medialady said...

Am I your first? I sure hope so!!! Thanks for being my friend!
Melinda Wilson

Brianna said...

Thanks for adding our blinkie to your blog! I hope you will join us for our April Goin' Green challenge!

Jamie said...

Thanks for stopping by over at Real Life Scraps. We hope to see you again soon. :)